Special Education
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Special Education

Building Family/School Partnerships
New Parent Involvement Curriculum

Families are indispensible partners in the education of children. When schools and families work together, children are more likely to experience success in school and achieve their goals.

Improving Relationships & Results: Building Family School Partnerships is produced by the National Center for Special Education Accountability Monitoring (NCSEAM) in close collaboration with the Future of School Psychology Task Force on Family School Partnerships.

Schools are encouraged to use these materials as part of an overall coordinated effort to build and enhance effective practices that improve relationships as well as student results.

This curriculum is hosted by the Future of School Psychology Task Force on Family School Partnerships, but we provide the following quick links for your convenience.

Guidelines for Using Training Modules

Module 1: General Communication Strategies

Module 2: Parent Friendly IEP Practices

Module 3: Home School Note

Module 4: Behavior Strategies

Module 5: Reading Strategies

Module 6: Mathematics Strategies

Module 7: Homework Strategies


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