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Social Studies


Social Studies Cadre of Trainers
The Washington State Social Studies Cadre of Trainers (WASSCoT) is comprised of 29 educators from across the Washington who volunteer to serve as a resource to educators in our state.

Programs and Awards
The Social Studies office facilitates various awards and programs which highlight educators and students in Washington State.


Assessment Links

Additional Resources

New Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum
Since Time Immemorial is a newly expanded, resource-rich curriculum featuring Native history. It provides teaching support and is aligned with Washington State Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Civil Rights Education Resources available to support RCW 28A.230.178 which encourages school districts to prepare and conduct a program at least once a year to commemorate the history of civil rights in our nation.

The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) website makes it easy for teachers, parents, students, others to find learning resources from more than 40 federal organizations.

K-12 Study Canada - K-12 STUDY CANADA is the outreach arm of the Pacific Northwest NRC and is jointly performed by the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University and the Canadian Studies Center at the University of Washington.

League of Women Voters: The League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund is dedicated to strengthening citizen knowledge of government in Washington State. The website includes a variety of free resources for educators.

United States Courts site provides free educational materials about federal courts including videos, lesson plans, simulations, and more!

Youth Courts: OSPI encourages school districts to consider youth court programs for students who commit violations of school rules and policies. Please visit the following sites for more information:


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