Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
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Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

We are extending an invitation to all school counselors and program staff to join the OSPI Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling (CGCP) Support ListServ.

As information is received that is important for counselors to know in order to do the best job possible in serving students, we are posting that information to the listserv. It is a faster vehicle to get out the information than the CGCP News, which is published every two months (more in depth information may often appear in the News).

Join the CGCP Support ListServ

Articles posted since the inception of the listserv are archived by month. You can also post questions to staff.

Comprehensive guidance and counseling programs (CGCPs) are vital in providing services and support to assist all students be successful academically, socially, and with critical career development outcomes, including transitions to postsecondary education and career training. A CGCP framework makes use of the three-tiered Response to Intervention (RTI) model that frames resources and tools for guidance and counseling programs.

CGCP Newsletter to Advisors and Counselors
Our Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Newsletter is a bi-monthly update. Sign up to have it delivered to your inbox.

OSPI Model Graduation Coach Policy 2013
Graduation coaches work with school counselors to ensure that all students have the support they need to graduate and transition into postsecondary education and life; and that those students who need targeted support get it.

Washington Framework for Guidance and Counseling
The Washington Framework is a web-based, comprehensive guidance and counseling program model, including development tools as well as specific guidance and counseling strategies in support of Superintendent Dorn’s education priorities. It is being jointly developed by OSPI, the Washington School Counselor Association, WA-ACTE Career Guidance and Counseling Association and counselor educator representatives and is based on the needs of Washington schools.

Learning by Choice - An Act Relating to Student Enrollment Options in Washington State - brochure | Spanish

School Counselor Certification
An overview of the Education Staff Associate (ESA) Professional Certificate for school counselors, social workers and psychologists.


What's New

Dual Credit Look Up Tool
(This tool replaces some static information with an interactive tool, allowing students to search and compare how their high school AP, IB, and Cambridge exam scores will apply as college credit at various public and private independent institutions in Washington State. Overall, this process increases transparency for students, parents, and counselors regarding how students will be awarded college credit for their credit-by-exam courses.)

National School Counselor Week 2015 Letter and Proclamation

ASCA CCR Standards

Resources for Guidance and Counseling

Washington State Middle Schools Guide to Student Success Competencies—2012

American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, Version #3

Teaching Adolescents to Become Learners: The Role of Noncognitive Factors in Shaping School Performance

Core to College

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