Science - Powerful Classroom Assessments (PCAs) Middle School (Grade 8)
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  Science Assessment



Powerful Classroom Assessments (PCAs)
Middle School (Grade 8)

The following PCAs are from released test items. The Middle School (Grade 8) PCAs are organized by the three domains of science and then by scenario.

  • The three domains are: Physical, Earth/Space, and Life (EALR 4).
  • The three scenarios are: Systems (EALR 1), Inquiry (EALR 2), and Application (EALR 3)

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Clean Water

What's Your Angle?

In the Doghouse

Bubble Gum vs. Chewing Gum

Electricity to Light

Tree Stump

Soccer Soaker

Respiratory System

Wild About Radishes

Bean Machine

School Garden

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