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The 2018 Washington State Legislature allocated $4,000,000 of the general fund in Fiscal Year 2018–2019 to provide grants to education service districts (ESDs) and community based organizations (CBOs) for science teacher training in the Washington State Science Learning Standards (WSSLS) (Next Generation Science Standards—NGSS) including climate science education standards (ClimSciEd) (ESSB 6032, Section 501, p. 300 (68)).

Now named ClimeTime, this initiative has quickly become a state-level network building the capacity of science teachers in Washington State. OSPI manages the network and the grant funding as provided by the Washington State budget proviso of $4 million. This funding flows through all nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs) in Washington ($3 million) and seven community-based organizations (CBOs) ($1 million), which are launching programs for science teacher professional learning around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and climate science education.

View the new ClimeTime website.

For more information, please contact the Learning and Teaching Science Office, rachel.farrington@k12.wa.us

To see some project activities, please visit our ClimeTime Padlets.

December – January 2019 Padlet

October – November 2018 Padlet

August – September 2018 Padlet


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