School Facilities - Energy Efficiency Grant Program
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School Facilities

2010 Energy Grant Recipient Information


Information for All Projects

  • Grant funds are to be used only for the projects for which they were awarded.
  • Insure that all applicable public works and public procurement requirements are met.
  • All projects must be under construction contract by June 30, 2011.
  • Funds will be made accessible to districts as soon as the required documentation (see below) is received by OSPI.
  • Awardees will have to report to OSPI on the outcome of their projects.

Grant Claim Process for ALL Projects

  • The grant funds will be claimed through the OSPI 1SPI System. The payments will go to the school districts’ general fund revenue account 4100, activity code 64. The district can make the expenditures in the general fund, or transfer the money to their capital projects fund.

For more information on the grant claim process, refer to the OSPI BULLETIN NO. 050-09 GRANTS MANAGEMENT on the OSPI website.

  • Energy Efficiency Grant funds are appropriately expended and recorded in a district’s Capital projects Fund (CPF), if the district has one. However, the OSPI grant and apportionment payment systems do not have the functionality to allow districts to designate this grant as being part of the CPF in iGrants. These systems do not enable OSPI to make payments directly into a district’s CPF. Please refer to the letter dated November 10, 2010 from Apportionment which provides a blanket approval to transfer all related energy grant dollars from the GF into the CPF. Districts must contact their county treasurer to affect these transfers.
  • For districts that have not established a CPF, these funds may be expended within the GF.
  • Districts are expected to keep and to make available on request of OSPI any procurement process documentation, receipts, invoices, and vouchers documenting the expenses related to this grant project.
  • OSPI will stop payment if un-allowable expenses are claimed until the situation is resolved.


Grants for Energy Performance Contracting Projects

Before the grant funds are released to the district, they must send OPSI:

  • The Energy Services Proposal for the grant project
  • School Board Resolution (see the sample resolution on the main energy page)
  • The Executed Contract with the Energy Services Company (ESCO)
  • The Notice to Proceed with the project

After the project is completed:

  • The “Notice of Commencement of Energy Savings” from the ESCO.

One year from project completion:

  • The “Monitoring and Verification Report” from the ESCO.

For more information:


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