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School Facilities

Emergency Response Grants

School districts must work collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies and school security personnel to develop an emergency response system "using evolving technology to expedite the response and arrival of law enforcement in the event of a threat or emergency at a school" (RCW 28A.320.126).

The 2013 Legislature allocated $10 million in competitive grant capital funds to help school districts with implementing an emergency response system (Second Substitute Senate Bill 5197). School districts can apply for a grant on behalf of their school facilities.

What the grant covers
The grant may cover post-award consultant activities including planning, design and installation of an emergency response system. District staff time is not reimbursable, but it can be counted as local contribution for the purposes of scoring criteria. Software or other systems that allow law enforcement control or access to locks or cameras will be considered part of an emergency response system, since it directly improves the ability of law enforcement to respond to an emergency.

What the grant does not cover
An emergency response system includes faster arrival at the school facility or improved ability to respond through information and/or capacity of law enforcement (e.g. control of access to the building). The following items are NOT, in themselves, considered an emergency response system and are not reimbursable through the grant: hardware for locks, cameras, fences, and security personnel.

Next Steps

OSPI Memorandum No. 064-13 - Information regarding the 2013 Emergency Response Systems Grant

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Emergency Response System Grants

OSPI Emergency Response Grants Announced

List of Award Recipients

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