School Facilities - Construction Projects Funded
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School Facilities

Construction Projects Funded  

These lists include school district construction projects that have met the eligibility criteria and have been approved by OSPI for capital grants. The list is not comprehensive of all capital project activity throughout the state.  (PLEASE NOTE- State funding assistance percentage is determined by a defined formula prescribed by law, and does not necessarily apply to all costs that may be incurred by a district in completing a project.)

Costs reflected in the drop down box below do not represent true “total costs”. School districts may have costs not recognized for state assistance.

The following acronyms/abbreviations are used in this report:

N/L = New-in-Lieu: a new building that is built in lieu of modernizing an existing building consistent with the cost/benefit analysis. A new-in-lieu project receives the same level of funding as if it was a modernization
Repl = Replacement: a new building is being built to replace an existing building
Add = Addition: additional area is being built on to an existing facility
Mod = Modernization: an existing building is being remodeled

Past and current projects


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