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School Facilities

Project Release - 2015

This list of construction projects met eligibility criteria. Linked templates provide information related to funding sources and include the funding formula, summary of total project cost, breakdown of recognized project costs, and key terms used for each approved school construction project.

Bellingham SD - Happy Valley Elementary$14,177,974.89$3,492,368.03$15,093.87
Central Kitsap SD - Silverdale Elementary$7,371,498.14$8,817,877.65$1,622.16
Clover Park SD - Evergreen Elementary$29,640,110.76$17,144,345.25$76,217.79
Edmonds SD - Alderwood Middle$49,900,304.04$9,935,527.27$43,367.35
Kennewick SD - New Elementary #15 (Sage Crest site)$6,614,514.98$10,292,967.35$46,486.32
Mercer Island SD - Islander Middle$38,310,898.66$3,173,486.51$13,855.61
Mukilteo SD - Lake Stickney Elementary$20,425,017.21$8,868,831.17$39,226.34
Naches Valley SD - Naches Valley K-4 Elementary$15,528,305.41$3,478,948.24$14,429.44
North Mason SD - Hawkins Middle$10,594,276.64$7,187,316.75$2,774.00
North Thurston SD - Evergreen Forest Elementary$9,191,422.88$7,362,464.78$3,920.80
North Thurston SD - New Middle #5$18,088,881.96$15,479,298.24$68,106.33
North Thurston SD - North Thurston High$19,665,077.01$6,753,379.77$28,773.36
Northshore SD - New High #4$100,962,843.79$12,260,961.70$53,210.27
Northshore SD - Woodinville High$12,061,784.20$6,089,354.87$0.00
Renton SD - New Middle #4$39,169,228.76$3,911,066.21$16,256.25
Richland SD - Marcus Whitman Elementary$12,287,372.99$7,458,700.98$32,325.61
Seattle SD - Arbor Heights Elementary$29,839,320.11$2,559,705.63$11,128.86
Seattle SD - Pinehurst K-8 School$30,045,859.64$1,672,275.84$7,100.14
Seattle SD - Wilson Pacific Middle$56,420,508.63$4,699,657.92$20,636.10
Seattle SD - World School at T. T. Minor Elementary$14,729,625.09$2,523,937.46$697.19
Sunnyside SD - Washington Elementary$8,167,610.29$12,583,607.66$55,286.33
Tacoma SD - McCarver Elementary$20,968,905.85$10,979,463.18$0.00
Tacoma SD - Stewart Middle$44,658,142.58$10,052,925.59$0.00
Tacoma SD - Wilson High$27,068,673.82$11,501,693.29$17,516.10
Tahoma SD - New Tahoma High & Learning Center$119,798,187.87$20,502,741.78$87,233.96
Tumwater SD - Peter G Schmidt Elementary$18,950,836.13$4,061,576.90$17,407.62
Tumwater SD - Tumwater High New PE Facility$1,123,220.24$502,095.17$2,148.98
Wenatchee SD - Lincoln Elementary$16,054,280.16$7,676,535.26$0.00
Wenatchee SD - Washington Elementary & Castle Rock Center$26,957,838.45$8,308,435.98$22,640.61
GRAND TOTALS$818,772,521.18$229,331,546.43$697,461.39

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   Updated 12/17/2015

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