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K-3 Class Size Reduction Grants

The 2015 Legislature provided $200 million in competitive grant capital funds to help school districts achieve progress towards class size reduction and all-day kindergarten goals. Substitute Senate Bill 6080 provides details on district verification requirements, validation by Washington State University’s Extension Energy Program Office (WSU-EP), and prioritization elements. In 2016, an additional $34.5 million was appropriated by the Legislature.

What the grant covers
The grant provides funds to assist districts with adding new K-3 classrooms. Districts may also use funds to add K–3 capacity by modernizing existing classrooms in previously closed buildings. Funds can be used for permanent and modular buildings but may not be used for portables.

How grant funds were distributed
Districts certified a count and usage of all K–3 classrooms and other teaching stations in OSPI's Information and Condition of Schools (ICOS) system, and created an application through OSPI's iGrants system. Applications were due December 1, 2015. Secured local matching funds are required no later than July 1, 2016.

A prioritization effort was implemented based on proviso language of Substitute Senate Bill 6080, giving the greatest consideration to districts in need.

In June 2016 grant awards were made to 21 districts that qualified for a need for additional K-3 classrooms and also were eligible with the available funding.

Brenda Hetland, Financial Coordinator, 360-725-6263 or

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