Healthy Kids Healthy Schools Grant – Nutrition, Physical Education and Physical Activity, Student Sustainability Awareness
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School Facilities

2017-2019 Healthy Kids-Healthy Schools Grants (Closed)

Nutrition, Physical Education and Physical Activity, Student Sustainability Awareness

The Legislature has appropriated $2.25 million dollars in the 2017-2019 capital budget for OSPI to administer a grant program for nutrition, physical education and physical activity and student sustainability awareness. Within those three categories the grant funds can be used for improvements or renovations to existing buildings, site improvements, and purchase and installation of new or renovated equipment. Grants are limited to $200,000 per district. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Grant Recipients (PDF)


ZOOM meeting announcing the grantMay 15, 2018
iGrants application opensJune 19, 2018
Application due dateSeptember 27, 2018 no later than 4pm
AwardsEnd of October 2018

Highlights of the Program

  1. Applications will be submitted in iGrants, form package 819, fiscal year 18-19.
  2. There is no district leveraged or matching funds requirement.
  3. There is one round. Applications are due September 27, 2018 no later than 4PM. Early applications are accepted.
  4. Grants are for procurement of equipment, repair and renovation of existing equipment or facilities or infrastructure, or design and construction of new facility space and infrastructure related to the categories listed above.
  5. Grants are not to be used to fund operating costs (salaries, copying, etc.) or new curriculum. Improvements or equipment may support curriculum.
  6. Grants are not for supplies such as basketballs, serving spoons, garden fertilizer, school sports programs or disposable posters.
  7. A district may submit one application and receive one grant award of no more than $200,000. An application may include more than one type of work in more than one of the 3 categories listed above, in one or more schools.
  8. School (not district) free and reduced-price meal program percentage will be used as a grant scoring criteria.
  9. In-house labor costs will not be reimbursed. If equipment will be installed with in-house labor do not include the labor in the proposal cost.
  10. A Planning Assurance Checklist must be completed and submitted with every application.
  11. The grant scoring criteria are intended to equitably distribute available funds to schools most in need and/or best prepared to use the funds as intended. Specific consideration is given to the following factors:
    • Percent of students enrolled in the school free and reduced-price meal program.
    • Direct benefit to students.
    • The existing condition and its impact as a barrier to best practices, processes and policies.
    • The expected outcome of the project.
    • District readiness
    • OSPI reserves the right to look at other factors in grant scoring, depending on applications received, including possible bonus points.
  12. OSPI may fund the entire amount in the district application or fund the amount requested in one or more of the 3 categories (student sustainability awareness, nutrition, physical education and physical activity), at one or more school, depending on scoring.
  13. Documents that substantiate a statement in the application may be uploaded in iGrants with the application.
  14. Districts receiving a preliminary award are required to submit a Letter of Support, signed by the district Superintendent or the President of the School Board, that includes the district commitment to addressing school facilities' needs. Please use the template Letter of Support. Final grant approval and access to grant funds will be issued by OSPI once this document has been received.
  15. District indirect charges are not allowed.
  16. This application consists of two main sections: (1) Project Proposals and (2) District Readiness. Both categories are scored, and will be combined to determine which districts and school projects will be awarded funds.

The Project Proposal section is pages 2, 3, 4. This section is divided into grant categories: Student Sustainability Awareness, Nutrition (that includes garden structures and greenhouses) and Physical Education and Physical Activity. The Student Sustainability Awareness category includes the description of the project, the cost and intended link to increasing student's awareness and participation in sustaining efficient schools. Within the Nutrition and Physical Activity categories, there is space to describe the proposed project and cost, the need for the project, the benefits to students, the current barriers to implementation, and how outcomes will be measured. The responses in the "Project Proposal" sections, along with the FRLP%, hold the most weight in scoring.

The District Readiness section is page 5. This is designed to assist the grant reviewers in assessing the capacity and readiness of the district to effectively implement project proposals, based on the existing status of school wellness policies, district planning, and current programs meeting state and federal standards and best practices. Note that a low "readiness score" does not mean a district is disqualified from receiving a grant. There is an opportunity to describe how these funds will help the district meet current standards, if that is the case, as well as to describe how the district is prepared to effectively use these funds to overcome barriers, bridge gaps and improve student health.

Application Process

Step 1: Plan the Application

  1. Download the word version of the application and review it on a computer. Some cells in the application are formatted as dropdown selections that are not visible when looking at a paper copy.
  2. View the frequently asked questions and answers.
  3. You are now ready to take the next steps towards applying, which are;
    • Decide on the schools and the scope of the work
    • Refer to and complete the Planning Assurance Checklist
    • Obtain cost estimates or quotes
    • Write out the answers to the narratives (use the word version of the application to draft your narrative response so that you can cut and paste the answers into the iGrants application). Provide enough detail so that a grant reviewer understands the need, benefit, etc. Data helps convey the messages.
    • Find the answers to the District Readiness questions.
    • Verify that the total request does not exceed $200,000.
    • Hand off the completed word version of the application to your grant administrator to complete the actual iGrants application.

Step 2: Submit the application in iGrants Form Package 819

  1. District applications are required to be submitted in iGrants Form Package 819, fiscal year 18-19. Please remember to allow enough time after completing the application to have your grant contract administrator approve the application. This is an internal step that must be done before the application is sent to OSPI.
  2. The application closes at 4PM. Late submittals will not be accepted.
  3. A Planning Assurance Checklist must be completed and submitted with every application.

Grant Communications

Please direct all correspondence and phone calls to Nancy Johns, Coordinator, School Facilities and Organization at or 360-725-4973.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked Questions and Answers will be captured and posted on this webpage throughout the grant timeline.


Phil Partington, Regional Coordinator, School Facilities and Organization
360-725-6221 or

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