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The Health and Safety Guide for K-12 Schools in Washington State – 2003 Edition Update

The comment period for the proposed updates and corrections to Part II of the K12 H&SG is being extended to November 15, 2011.

Access to the draft comment form is located on the DOH School Environmental Health and Safety website (right side, bottom of the News and Events column). For a direct link to the form.

Please follow the revised instructions on the first page, including filling in your name, entity, and email. Prior to working on the form, save the form to your desktop under the file name K12guiderevcom.pdf. Please do not send your comments in a separate email. The form is designed to collate comments on each item.

The PDF opens to an introduction, with instructions and scope of the update followed by the nineteen sections of Part 2. Comments should be typed on the PDF and submitted electronically. It is a large document, and it is expected that some reviewers will only be interested in particular sections. You can tab through the PDF section-by-section, or use the Bookmark on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat screen to move directly to a desired section. There is a column provided for comments for each item in a section and a block for general comments at the end of each section.

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