School Facilities - Forms (Claims, Retainage and Other)
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School Facilities

Forms (Claims, Retainage and Other)


D – Forms
The primary documents that form the basis of any agreements between OSPI and the school districts receiving state assistance through the School Construction Assistance Program are the “D-form” documents. The State School Construction Assistance Program assists local school districts with their facility construction requirements.

Retainage & Release
Forms D-11 and D-12 are used to administer the release of retainage. The school districts submit Form D-11, Application to Release Retainage with supporting documentation and certificates. OSPI reviews the D-11 Forms, documentation and certifications. When the process is complete, OSPI issues Form D-12, Retainage Release Authorization.

Certification & Reimbursement
Forms require the payment of district funds before access to state funding assistance is approved. District funds are verified by the payment certification process.

OSPI requires school districts applying for the SCAP to submit expected Construction Contract payment information for their projects. The Quarterly Construction Contract payment schedule must be submitted with the D-3 and D-5 documents. The Monthly Construction Contract payment schedule must be submitted at D-7 and D-9.

Miscellaneous claims and suggested reporting formats

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