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Retainage Forms: (Retainage is a requirement for ALL contracts over $20,000)

  • Escrow Agreement – Form D-162
  • Contractors Option – Form D-163 (This form is required with Form D-162)
  • Retainage Bond – Form D-164
  • District Certificate of Bond – Form D165 (Required with Form D-164)
  • Application for Release of Retainage - Form D-11

Certification & Reimbursement:

  • Construction – Form 1288
    Skills Center – Form 1288SKL
  • Furniture and Equipment – Form B751
  • Inspection and Testing – Form 1290  (Use hardcopy form provided by OSPI.)

Construction Contract Forecasting:


  • Invoice Voucher (Contractor) Application for Payment on Contract - Form F717A
  • Invoice Voucher (Architect) Application for Payment on Contract - Form F718
  • Invoice Voucher (Construction Management) Application for Payment on Contract– Form 1498
  • Study and Survey Claim Form - Form SPI 1482
  • Special Capital Grants Provided by Budget Proviso – Form 1583

Regulations: RCWs and WACs can be accessed through the Code Reviser's website

RCW 39.12.040 Requires Affidavits of Wages Paid to be on file before retainage is released.

RCW 50.24.130 Requires payments of unemployment insurance taxes to Dept of Employment Security before retainage is released.

RCW 51.12.050 Requires payment of premiums for industrial insurance to Dept of Labor and Industries before retainage is released.

RCW 60.28 Requires payment of Washington State Sales Tax to Dept of Revenue before retainage is released. Governs lien filing and foreclosure.

WAC 392-344-120 thru 170 Only those WACs which are specific to retainage release are linked below. The remainder of WAC 392-344 can be viewed through the School Facilities web page under Regulations. These will detail the payment process.

WAC 392-344-155 Specifically governs the format of the architect’s certificate of completion and statement of work completed and gross square footage built.

WAC 392-344-165 Requirements of district to prepare for retainage release. See also Form D-11

WAC 392-344-170 Specifies the formula to be used when liens have been placed against the retainage account.

   Updated 1/9/2018

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