School Safety Center
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School Safety Center

The School Safety Center provides resources to districts and schools to help in the development of high-quality emergency operations and safety plans. Feeling safe is fundamental for a positive learning environment. RCW 28A.320.125 requires all public school districts and public schools to have current school safety plans and procedures in place. The School Safety Center is a component of Secondary Education and works in close collaboration with Student Support. In addition, regularly scheduled meetings of the School Safety Advisory Committee complement our commitment to keeping all students safe at school each and every day.

Safety Planning Toolkit
The Safety Planning Guide is based on The Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans, a collaborative efforts among the USDOE, FEMA, Homeland Security, and several other federal agencies.

Laws, RCWs, WACs
A list of Washington state laws that apply to K–12 public school safety and security.

School Safety A–Z Resources
The resources listed here provide information for the prevention, protection, mitigation, response to, and post crisis recovery from a variety of potential emergency situations.

Trainings and Professional Development
Topics include active shooter, bullying, human trafficking, shelter-in-place, gangs in schools, and much more.

Data and Reports
Student behavior data, weapon reports, truancy reports, Healthy Youth Survey, and Emergency Response Survey.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is required to be included in a comprehensive safe school plan? What is the School Mapping System? What is the state law for suspension? And other helpful FAQs for administrators and parents.

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April, 2017
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Safety Center

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