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Gangs in Schools: Awareness and Response


  • FEMA NIMS (ICS) Courses
  • NIMS/ICS in School Preparedness
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Training
    Building principals in Washington are required to be trained and certified in ICS. Individuals who take this class will be prepared to test for certification to meet the certification requirement. Topics include roles and responsibilities of incident commanders and other staff positions, common terminology, application of ICS to school emergencies, guidelines for establishing a command post, and an overview of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

REMS Online Courses

REMS Webinars

School Climate



Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises are scenarios which simulate an emergency situation in an informal, stress-free environment. They are led by a Facilitator, and provide an opportunity to discuss problems and examine processes without stress. Participants leave with positive learning experiences, organizational insights, and improved action planning, and preparedness.

The Tabletop Exercises here have been created or adapted from different sources for different threats or hazards. When presented, the district or school will identify the Facilitator. Local data, demographics, and contacts can be used to make the scenario more realistic for Participants.


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