Understanding Youth Gangs - A Guide for Parents
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Understanding Youth Gangs - A Guide for Parents
Published April 2009

Understanding Youth Gangs - A Guide for Parents

About this brochure
Children in the early adolescent years are in a vulnerable period and could be likely to join a gang. There are many identified risk factors for gang involvement, including school difficulties, lack of parental supervision, alcohol/drug use, truancy, and peer influence. Experts agree that parents can play an important role in keeping children out of gangs. This 2-page brochure is available in several languages. It provides information to help parents recognize gang involvement, and recommended interventions.

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  • What can a parent do?
  • Is my child at risk for gang involvement?
  • Why do kids join gangs?
  • Behaviors associated with gang involvement
  • Recognizing gang symbols and indicators
  • Indicators of some common Washington gangs
  • Resources for more information
  • Additional Resources


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