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Field, Practice and Pilot Tests

Field Test (Spring 2014): Many schools have chosen to participate in the Smarter Balanced field test in the spring of 2014.

On Thursday, February 13, the U.S. Department of Education informed OSPI that they have approved Washington’s request to avoid double testing students in grades 3–8 who will be participating in the Smarter Balanced field test this spring. We are proceeding with our field testing plans for schools that are signed up for Smarter Balanced and, likewise, with our MSP plans for the remaining schools.

Please contact Robin Munson, Assistant Superintendent for Assessment and Student Information, if you have questions.

Test administration staff who will be involved in the Smarter Balanced field test should complete the online training modules. These modules are self-paced and provide training on technology requirements, TIDE/user roles, online test administration from student and administrator perspective, and an overview of the performance task administration.

Have questions about the Smarter Balanced field test? OSPI has begun a webinar series. The webinars are posted online soon after they occur, along with Q & A documents. Many questions you have may be addressed either in the Q & A or in the webinar itself. If you don’t find what you need, please contact the Operations team.

Practice Test (available now): The Practice Test allows students to experience items that look and function like those found on last year’s Scientific Pilot and is available to everyone. It does not require a unique username and password, and advanced registration is not necessary. Schools and districts may use the Practice Test for professional development activities. It includes expanded accommodations to cover all grades and the addition of mathematics performance tasks and associated scoring rubrics. It can be used for discussions with parents, policymakers and anyone else who is interested in seeing what Smarter Balanced is all about.

For questions about the Practice Test, please email the Smarter Balanced Help Desk or call toll-free: 1-855-833-1969.

Pilot Test (February 20-May 24, 2013): Last year, schools were recruited as part of the scientific sample administered one content area (either English language arts or math) in up to two grades. Although the assessment was untimed, it was expected to last approximately three hours.

(List of schools that agreed to participate in the Scientific Pilot: XLSX or PDF).



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