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2017-18 Budget Updates



2017-19 Biennial Budget Proposals (A link to the proposed budget for the 2017-19 biennium)
Link to Bill Information (A link to the Legislature's Bill Information Page)
LEAP Documents (A link to the LEAP Committee's K-12 Documents Page)
2017 Legislative Session Wrap Up Power Point (Posted July 7, 2017)



Budget Driver (John Jenft) Summary (Updated July 5, 2017)

2017-18 K-3 Class Size Compliance Calculator as of January (Posted February 2, 2018)

LAP Calculator for 2017-18 School Year (Posted July 27, 2017)

Updated Multi-Year Budget Comparison Tool (Updated October 3, 2017) - This tool provides district by district comparisons of the 2017-19 biennial budget for each of the 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20; and 2020-2021 school years. Please read the notes tab which provides needed detail to the understanding of this tool.

Inflation Projections as of March 2017 (Posted March 23, 2017)

Governor Inslee's 2017-19 Biennial Budget Driver Comparison (December 28, 2016)

Individual and District Level Crosswalk from Current Salary Allocation Model to the Governor's Proposal (Posted February 16, 2017)

EHB 2242 FAQs (Updated August 31, 2017)


SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 5607 ANALYSIS (2018-19 School Year Funding Formula Impacts)

State Fiscal Note Summary and Impact Tables - This document contains a summary of the bill as well as state costs described in narrative and table format.
School District Fiscal Note Summary and Impact Tables - This document contains a summary of the bill as well as school district costs described in narrative and table format.
SSB 5607 Detail Regarding Other State, Federal, and Local Revenue (Posted March 22, 2017) - The following tool is intended to help school districts identify specific revenues that are being included in SB 5607 as "other state, local, and federal revenues". These are the specific values in the Senate projection models and have not been inflated or otherwise altered by OSPI in any way.

For questions on these documents, please call T.J. Kelly at 360-725-3601 or Michelle Matakas at 360-725-6079.


CEDARS POVERTY DATA - Final Data Available in April 2017

Final LAP CEDARS Poverty Percentages for the 2017-18 School Year (April 7, 2017)
This data is final. OSPI cannot accept future CEDARS data revisions for this purpose, and there is no appeals process.

Final LAP CEDARS Poverty Percentages By School for Additional School Based Funding for 2017-18 (July 11, 2017)



Worksheet for Estimating 2018 Levy Authority and LEA (Updated July 28, 2017)
Worksheet for Estimating 2017 through 2021 Levy Authority and LEA (Updated November 2, 2016)
2016 Adjusted Assessed Valuations for 2018 LEA (pdf) (Posted October 16, 2017)


Special Education Percentage for Revenue 3121 Calculation for 2017-18 (Posted February 21, 2017)
ESA 112 Coop Special Education Percentage for Revenue 3121 Calculation for 2017-18 (Updated August 14, 2017)


For more information, please contact the following:
F-195/F-200/F-198/F-197, Budget Forms : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
F-196, SD/ESD Annual Financial Statements : Ralph Fortunato (360)725-6304
F-203, State Revenues/Recoveries : Melissa Jarmon (360)725-6307
K-12 Ratio / Duty Codes : Ross Bunda (360)725-6308
Apportionment Advances/Redirections : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
Supervisor, Enrollment : Becky McLean (360)725-6306
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