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Laws & Policies

Please refer to WAC 392-700 (Updated Aug. 16 2015) for specific rules regarding operation of an Open Doors Youth Reengagement program. RCW 28A.175.100 directs OSPI to adopt rules to implement the provisions of Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1418 (2010). OSPI has consulted with community colleges (SBCTC), dropout reengagement programs, school districts, ESD’s, and the Workforce Board, as well as, approved providers of online learning when making these rules. These rules are listed in Chapter 392-700 WAC.

The decisions to develop an Open Doors [1418] youth reengagement program should be based on data informed processes that identify the youth who have disengaged, and explore common barriers and support needs for these students. Programs should be developed using the principles of best practice to target these barriers, and provide supports and alternative pathways to success. Partnerships with districts, colleges, and agencies should be formed where the activities of the partners mutually reinforce these established goals.



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