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Reading Resources

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Note: OSPI no longer has copyright permission for the 2007 and 2008 Released Materials. Therefore, the following materials have been removed from our Web site: “The Trailblazer: Jackie Robinson,” “Mystery Flight,” “In the Air for Amelia,” “Silk: The Caterpillar Thread,” “Journey on the Silk Road,” “Turkeys,” “In the Beginning,” “Baseball Smarts,” and “Desert Tortoise in the Rain.” Please see the High School Sample and Released Materials for currently available passages.

Reading Assessment - High School Resources

Resources Description Classroom Application

Sample and Released Materials

Passages and items (questions) previously used on our state reading assessments

This link contains hyperlinks to the Teacher and Student materials and the PowerPoint Scoring Presentations

Sample and released materials can be used for classroom practice or teacher training

Strand and Target Map 

This is a visual outline of the strands and targets for existing released materials

This chart can be used as a look-up tool to locate specific targets and question format for the current released materials

Yearlong Plan

Ideas for using sample and released materials all year long

Build student confidence by using assessment materials at monthly intervals throughout the school year

Classroom Novel Units

Novel units for two commonly read high school novels built using reading assessment stem questions

Use these novel units in class or as a model for your own novel unit

Strands and Targets Grades 6-High School

An organized one page chart for both Literary and Informational text listing:

Strands – Three levels of questioning; Comprehension, Analysis and Critical Thinking

Targets – Specific skills within each strand aligned to our GLEs and organized by numbers 01-11

GLEs – Grade Level Expectations

Use this chart as a quick reference for skills evaluated on the state reading assessment

Reading Assessment Templates (Question Stems) Grades 6-High School

A comprehensive booklet featuring stem question formats along with descriptions and details for how they are used

Shows item format for:

  • Multiple choice
  • Completion
  • Stand-alone
  • Short answer
    • Generic rubrics for short answer items

Also includes:
  • Development Cycle
  • Grades 6-High School Strands and Targets
  • Reading Assessment Vocabulary

Use stems to create questions based on your classroom curriculum

Create rubrics for short answer questions using specific text-based evidence from your classroom materials

Item Stems on a Ring
Grades 6-High School

Individual assessment items (questions) templates that are separated and color-coded by target for easy assembly

Print, cut out, hole-punch, and put each question on a ring

The rings can be paired with your curriculum in multiple ways

Use for teacher and student led discussions, whole or small group, or individually give cards to students to create questions

Reading Assessment Vocabulary
Grades 6-High School

This vocabulary chart includes terminology commonly used on the state reading assessment

Use terminology to help students become familiar with language use on the state reading assessment

Item Analysis of Released Items 2001-2008

This web-based resource gives statistical information for released items dating back to 2001

Analyze data from your school and district to identify areas of strength and weakness

Item Tracking Charts

Tracking charts listing both literary and informational strands and targets with fill-in sections for item type

These charts have multiple uses including individual student progress monitoring, whole class progress monitoring, and unit and lesson planning


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