OSPI Interlocal Agreements
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OSPI Interlocal Agreements

Chapter 39.34.040 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies such as OSPI to contract with other governmental entities. This law was revised in the 2006 legislative session and now requires Interlocal Agreements either be filed with county recording offices, or published at a location electronically accessible by the public.

To satisfy this requirement, OSPI has elected to publish a list of Interlocal, Interagency, and Intergovernmental Agreements on this web page. The list below contains Agreements that commenced from January 2014 to present. Download the entire Interlocals List, 2006-Present.

General questions?
Contact the OSPI Contracts Office at contracts@k12.wa.us.

Vendor Name

Service Description

Start Date

End Date


Washington State Auditor's OfficePublic Records Application1/21/20166/30/2016 $-
University of WashingtonResearch on implementation of TPEP 1/6/20166/30/2017 $200,000
Washington Student Achievement CouncilSmarter Balanced Digital Library1/6/201612/31/2016 $(5,000)
Washington State Department of AgricultureProcurement of Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables 1/5/20169/30/2016 $121,271
Washington State Health Care AuthorityDatashare to calculate MER for School Districts in Washington State1/1/201612/31/2021 $-



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