Tier II: Targeted Supports
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  System and School Improvement

Tier II: Targeted Supports

Additional supports are currently under development. More information will be forthcoming.

Networked Improvement Icon Networked Improvement Communities - Systems-level communities of practice (i.e. district and schools) working together on a shared common issue or challenge
Action Pilots Icon Action Research Pilots - Funding to support promising practices and facilitate educator-designed and produced research
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Funding -

  • All schools identified for Tier II support are eligible for a base amount that is differentiated based on number of student groups identified for support
  • Districts with at least 2/3 of schools identified for support are eligible for a district grant to provide prioritized support to identified schools and the schools that feed into them

SWD & EL Support Specialists - Educational content specialists for students with disabilities and English learners that can supplement and partner with ESDs and districts to provide districts and schools with guidance and support




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