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Indistar Action Planning Tool

Indistar is an online school improvement planning tool for school teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities as they develop their Improvement Plan, or “Action Plan”.

A departure from the conventional, static school improvement planning process, Indistar is an interactive tool that guides improvement teams through a continuous cycle of assessment, planning, implementation, and progress tracking.

Developed by the Academic Development Institute nearly a decade ago, there are now approximately 30 states nationwide using Indistar as their school improvement planning tool.

The tool contains 132 research-based rapid improvement “indicators”, or behavioral descriptions of elements of professional practices; each of which is categorized into one of seven Turnaround Principles. Each indicator is linked to a research-based “Wise Ways” brief that provides an explanation, relevant research, and citations of resources to aid school teams through plan development and implementation.

The tool also allows for the integration of the Title I Schoolwide Plan Components so that Title I Schoolwide schools can coordinate their Title I Schoolwide Plan in conjunction with their Action Plan.

All schools and their districts that have been identified for assistance use Indistar as their action planning tool, but Indistar is offered free of charge to any school or district in the state. For more information or to request an account, contact the Office of System and School Improvement at

Technical support for the use of the Indistar Action Planning tool is available on demand to all school and district teams via phone, email, and web-meeting. Contact the Office of System and School Improvement at for any assistance, questions, or to schedule a web-based training with your team.


Guidance for District and School Action Plans 2017-18

The Office of System and School Improvement (OSSI) provides action-planning guidance and support to districts with schools identified as Priority, Focus, SIG (School Improvement Grantee), or RAD (Required Action District). This document outlines highlights of the action-planning process for these districts and their identified schools in 2017–­18. The entire guidance can be found by logging into Indistar® dashboard and going to the Doc & Links tab.

  • District requirements at a glance:
    • District Level Expected Indicators – Districts Leadership teams are expected to re-assess the 14 District-Level Expected Indicators annually
    • October 30, 2017 – Districts upload the Letter of Assurance indicating that the principal of the identified school demonstrates the capacity to turn around the school
    • May 30, 2018 – Districts submit the 2017-18 Indistar® Action Plan in Indistar®
  • School requirements at a glance:
    • October 30, 2017 – Schools upload their Indistar® Action plan along with supporting evidence
    • February 28, 2018 - Schools upload their Indistar® Action plan along with supporting evidence
    • May 30, 2018 - Schools upload their Indistar® Action plan along with supporting evidence


Indistar Resources and Materials

School-Level and District Level Indistar Expected Indicators can be found on your Indistar Dashboard in the Docs & Links tab by clicking on "School & District Expected Indicators"

How to modify your internet browser settings to ensure you can fully access all features in Indistar


Indistar ®

Indistar - Lighting our path to stellar learning


Indistar® Support Contact:
Doug DeMint, Program Supervisor and Indistar® Steward for the Office of System and School Improvement.


Phone: (360) 725-6051

Services available:

  • Indistar® technical assistance and customer support
  • Login credential retrieval
  • 1 on 1 Indistar® training/assistance for school or district teams


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