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Open Educational Resources

Reviewed OER Library

These reviews are provided as part of OSPI’s legislative mandate to develop a library of OER aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

The instructional materials were reviewed by Washington educators with subject matter expertise and deep familiarity with the state learning standards. The results from this review enable educators and content developers to tap into the most powerful feature of OER: the ability to freely adapt and redistribute materials.

Full OER Review Reports
2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2017

Review Rubrics
Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET) | Student Achievement Partners - Achieve the Core
Full –course review

EQuIP Rubrics | Achieve
Deeper dive into individual lessons and units - ELA, mathematics, and science

Resource Reviews

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Math Reviews

Full courses grades 6-12

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ELA Reviews

Full courses grades K-2
Units (3–6 weeks) grades 6-12

Though these reviews are focused on OER, the actual review process and tools are not specific to OER. They can and should be used with any instructional material under consideration by school districts. The results of this review do not represent an endorsement from OSPI as to the recommended use nor adoption of the OER materials that were reviewed.

   Updated 9/8/2017

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