Migrant and Bilingual Education: Information for Parents
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Migrant/Bilingual Education

Information for Parents — Migrant and Bilingual Education

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Migrant Education Program
The Washington State Migrant Education Program provides services to migrant children and their families. Students may be considered migrant if their family has moved recently because of a work in agriculture or fishing.
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Smarter Balanced for English Language Learners and Their Families
The Smarter Balanced Assessment system measures what students have learned in English language arts and math. Families will find out how Smarter Balanced works, what are the graduation and matriculation requirements, and how the assessment system supports ELLs.
English | El Sistema de Evaluaciones Smarter Balanced:Para los que Están Aprendiendo Inglés y sus Familias

نظام التقييم المتوازن الذكي
لمتعلمي اللغة الانجليزية وأسرهم




Сбалансированная система оценивания
для изучающих английский и для их семей


Nidaamka Qiimaynta Fahanka wanaagsan ee Dheelida tiran
Ardayda Luqadda Ingiriisiga iyo Qoysaskooda


Ang Smarter Balanced Assessment System
Para sa Mga Nag-aaral ng Ingles at sa Kanilang Mga Pamilya


Збалансована система оцінювання
для вивчаючих англійську мову та їх сімей


Hệ thống Đánh giá Cân bằng Thông minh hơn (Smarter Balanced)
Cho Người học Ngôn ngữ Tiếng Anh và Gia đình Họ


Learning English in Washington Schools: What Parents Should Know
Learning English in Washington Schools

New Infographics! Learning English in Washington Schools.
Knowing and using English well is necessary for success in school. This infographic shows how schools and parents play important roles in helping students who need additional help learning English get the assistance they need.

English 8.5x11 11x17 | Spanish 8.5x11 11x17 | Other Languages












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