Migrant and Bilingual Education Funds of Knowledge and Home Visits Toolkit
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Migrant/Bilingual Education

Funds of Knowledge and Home Visits Toolkit

This toolkit provides practical online tools to support classroom teachers and other educators in conducting home visits as a means of:

  • Increasing communication and collaboration with parents of English language learners.
  • Gathering information about students' funds of knowledge to integrate into classroom practices.
  • Building on ELL students' background knowledge to connect classroom content with students' cultural schemas to increase academic progress and student engagement.
  • Structuring classroom practices based on ELL students' funds of knowledge.

Home Visits

  • What are home visits?
  • Why conduct home visits?
  • How are home visits conducted?
  • What do I talk about?
  • How do I communicate if the parents don't speak English?
  • Where can I find more information about different cultural groups?
  • Translated template letters to schedule home visits

Funds of Knowledge

  • What are "funds of knowledge"?
  • How do funds of knowledge apply to teaching and learning?
  • How can educators identify their students' funds of knowledge?
  • Recording Students' Funds of Knowledge
  • How can educators integrate their students' funds of knowledge into classroom practices?
  • Funds of Knowledge and Classroom Lessons

Professional Testimonials

  • Conducting Home Visits
  • Integrating Funds of Knowledge in the Classroom

Policy Support for Family Engagement

  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Federal Title III Regulation
  • English Language Proficiency Standards Guiding Principle #2

OSPI Training Materials

OSPI/Title III Support for Home Visits
How can Title III support this work in my district?

  • Professional development costs (trainer, coaching, stipends or extra hours to attend training, substitute teachers, collaboration time, travel, training supplies)
  • Home visits with families of Title III-eligible students (extra hours or stipend for classroom teachers to conduct home visits, mileage, interpreter if needed)

Contact Information

Toolkit developed by Eric J. Johnson, Ph.D., of Johnson Language Consulting on contract with the Bilingual Education Program at OSPI.



   Updated 6/14/2016

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