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Instructional Materials, Resources and Course Supports

Materials Review/Adoption

A tool for evaluating a comprehensive textbook or textbook series for alignment to the shifts and major features of the CCSS.

Instructional Support for Assessment

The Smarter Balanced Assessment System provides a variety of tools and resources to support shifts in classroom instruction and alignment with the Common Core State Standards.

  • Digital Library has over 2600 resources, including
      • Mathematics Lessons and Professional Development resources aligned to the CCSS
      • Exemplar Math Instructional Modules that are aligned to the CCSS and embed the formative assessment process
      • Formative Assessment Modules (Clarify Intended Learning, Elicit Evidence, Interpret Evidence, Act on Evidence)
      • Score Report Modules

  • Smarter Balanced Claims
    Grounded in the Standards for Mathematical Practice, claims highlight the instruction shifts that need to take place in all mathematics classrooms. Videos and resources will help make those connections between instruction and the Smarter Balanced claims.

Classroom Instruction Resources

A variety of resources, tools and links to quality resources for teachers, coaches and administrators to support quality math instruction and CCSS implementation.

  • Illustrative Math
    Provides K-12 mathematical tasks that are strongly aligned to the CCSS and Standards for Mathematical Practice and provides carefully vetted resources for teachers and teacher leaders to give students a coherent understanding of mathematics.
  • Achieve the Core
    Common Core-aligned exemplar resources with explanations and supporting resources.
      • Annotated Tasks & Videos from the Math Reasoning Inventory
      • Assessments
      • Lessons
      • Tools for Planning
      • Understanding the Math

  • Achieve
    Materials to help states, districts, and others understand the organization and content of the standards and the content and evidence base used to support the standards. Includes Exemplar Lessons or Units (scroll down and click on the “Equip Exemplars” tab).

  • Youcubed at Stanford University
    Math resources and tools to support a growth mindset. Many of the resources were developed by Jo Boaler, a leader in mathematics education.
      • Teaching Ideas (Growth Mindset, Number Sense, Depth not Speed, Math Apps & Games)
      • Tasks – Searchable rich math tasks
      • Videos – (Number Talks, Brain Science, Enquiry Based Learning, etc.)

  • Tools for the CCSS
    Bill McCallum, co-writer of the Common Core State Standards, provides an array of tools for the CCSS and hosts and active forum discussing current mathematics and CCSS issues.

  • Inside Mathematics
    Inside Mathematics has assembled resources and tools to support educators to transform their teaching practices, including video excerpts of mathematics lessons correlated with the practice standards and videos of exemplary lessons in both elementary and secondary settings.
      • Tools for Educators (Coaches and Principals)
      • Classroom Videos
      • Common Core Resources
      • Problems of the Month
      • Performance Based Tasks

  • Teacher Desmos
    Interactive, online activities that support mathematical reasoning and exploration. Includes the Interactive Graphing Calculator

  • Math Assessment Project
    Robust and well-designed materials and tools for formative and summative mathematics assessment for grades 6–12 that make mathematical knowledge and reasoning visible, and help teachers to guide students in how to improve, and monitor their progress.

Early Numeracy

Early numeracy is essential to building a strong foundation for mathematical reasoning. These resources are designed to support teachers, early learning providers, coaches and administrators in supporting quality math instruction for our early learners.

SPED/ELL Resources

Resources to support Special Education students and English Language Learner students.

Financial Literacy

Secondary mathematics and CTE teachers across Washington from both urban and rural areas developed Embedding Financial Literacy Tasks. These teachers have incorporated financial literacy in their classrooms and have received training on the Common Core State Standards and the Jump$tart Financial Literacy standards. Tasks were validated by content experts in the CCSS in mathematics. The tasks demonstrate how financial literacy standards can be incorporated within mathematics classrooms that are implementing the standards.


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