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Released Items: Samples From Previous Tests

OSPI has released items that appeared on previous tests (formerly the WASL). While the WASL has been replaced by the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) and the End-of-Course (EOC) Exams, the WASL released items remain a valuable resource. Some of the released items align to the new K-12 mathematics standards and can be used in the classroom as they appeared on the WASL.

These documents contain released WASL items from 2006 to 2008, including information on scoring open-ended items and annotated examples of scored student work. Some of the released items are only partially aligned to the new K-12 mathematics standards and can be used in the classroom with minor modifications or considerations. These considerations are described below.

  1. It is standard practice on our state assessments to write test questions with vocabulary targeted to the previous grade level or lower readability, except for required mathematics terms. As an example, third grade test questions are written at a second grade readability level. Some of the released items written for a standard in a particular grade on the WASL are the same standard assessed at a lower grade level on the MSP or EOC. If a WASL released item has moved down a grade level, the vocabulary in the item may be above the targeted readability level. Because teachers can choose to read items to students during classroom-based activities and/or assessments, this should not be a problem.
  2. Previous WASL items were written in the following formats: multiple-choice, short-answer, and extended response. MSP and EOC items are written in the following formats: multiple-choice, completion, and short-answer. Classroom-based activities and assessments are not limited to the formats of either assessment. Multiple-Choice items have three options in grades 3-5 and four options in grades 6-High School EOC. Teachers can choose to give students experience with items of a different number of options or choose to add or eliminate an answer choice.

The Table of Contents in each document shows the previous released item number, the performance expectation the item aligns to, and the page number within the document. Please click on the link in the page number column to jump to a specific item.

Please revisit this page periodically. Additional released items will be posted here when they become available.

Quick Guide Documents

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Grade 4 (PDF, 368 pages)
Grade 5 (PDF, 464 pages)
Grade 6 (PDF, 303 pages)
Grade 7 (PDF, 181 pages)
Grade 8 (PDF, 107 pages)
Year 1 (PDF, 112 pages)
Year 2 (PDF, 63 pages)


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