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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

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Spotlight on Attendance

What contributes to absenteeism?


  • Only a problem if the absence is unexcused
  • OK to miss a day here or there
  • Only matters in high school
  • Doesn’t matter in pre-K or kindergarten


  • Health issues
  • Caring for siblings or other family members
  • Issues with transportation, housing, food, clothes
  • Trauma
  • No safe path to school
  • Suspensions


  • Academic struggles
  • Bullying
  • Poor school climate
  • Parents negative attitude toward school


  • Lack of engaging and relevant instruction
  • No meaningful relationship with school adults
  • Peers out of school more exciting than peers in school

How do you address Chronic Absenteeism using a multi-tiered response?
Use this pyramid template to fill in your own tiered system of support for attendance.

Tier 3: Students who miss 20% or more of school, or students who have a history of truancy

  • Intensive case management with coordination
  • of public agencies as needed

Tier2: Students who are chronically absent (10%)

  • Proactive messaging to each absence,
  • personalized early outreach,
  • meet with family and student to develop a plan,
  • offer an attendance buddy

Tier 1: All students

  • recognize good and improved attendance
  • education and engage student and family
  • monitor attendance data
  • clarify attendance expectations and goals
  • establish positive and engaging school climate
  • address common barriers to getting to school

For more information: Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

   Updated 12/2/2016

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