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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Across OSPI

Each section within OSPI provides supports to districts across a multitude of topics. Support can be defined through an MTSS lens. Below is a list of OSPI sections along with brief descriptions and links to their Web pages.

Assessment and Student Information provides multi-tiered system of supports to all students, using assessments that are developed with the child’s specific abilities, needs, and goals in mind. The development of these assessments include participation from general educators across the state, as well as specific grade and subject area teachers and special education professionals.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) promotes and supports locally-based middle and high school programs that provide 21st century, academic and technical skills for all students. CTE is a division of the Career and College Readiness office.

Child Nutrition assists school districts and other institutions in providing quality nutrition programs that promote lifelong healthful living while providing nutritious meals each day that prepare children for learning.

Equity and Civil Rights works to ensure that each student has equal access to public education without discrimination and raises awareness of rights and responsibilities under civil rights laws.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
LAP programs serve eligible students who need academic support for reading, writing and math, or who need readiness skills to learn these core subjects. With special emphasis on reading literacy in the early grades, schools use their state LAP funds to deliver supplemental services that give these students the strong start they need for academic success.

Migrant/Bilingual oversees the state and federal programs that help migrant students and youth in our state meet high academic challenges by overcoming obstacles created by frequent moves, educational disruption, cultural and language differences, and health-related problems.

Secondary Education and K12 Supports provides leadership and resources to assist students to graduate from high school ready for a productive and satisfying life after high school. Programming focuses on student success and prevention of failure, while creating a responsive system of supports to keeps students on track to graduation. We assist districts and schools to focus on the use of data as part of a continuous quality improvement cycle at both the individual and system level, with the ultimate goal of empowering students and families. Programming includes: guidance and counseling, school climate and attendance, behavioral supports, dropout prevention and reengagement, dual credit, and career readiness.

Special Education services are provided to approximately 133,000 eligible students in Washington. OSPI’s special education section administers the state and federal requirements associated with the provision of a free and appropriate public education on behalf of eligible students and their families in each of the state’s school districts.

Title I, Part A
Title I, Part A is a federal program that serves the unique needs of children who struggle to learn. Title I programs and services provide customized instruction and curricula that helps these students meet academic standards and take an active, engaged interest in what they learn and can do.

Student and School Success develops and distributes training, tools, and resources to support the improvement of all state schools and districts, and provides state technical assistance and support to schools and districts in improvement status.

Student Support offers a variety of multi-tiered system of supports programming, with focused attention and resources on the most vulnerable and traditionally underserved populations of students and families, in partnership with ESD’s, schools and communities.

Student Transportation provides essential services to support the safe and efficient transportation of the students. The office adopts the rules governing the training and qualifications of school bus drivers, oversees the allocation of operations funding and the school bus depreciation and replacement systems, and manages the state bidding process for school buses.

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