Data Governance

Data Management Committee

The main responsibility for managing OSPI’s data collection and reporting is the Data Management Committee. This group is comprised of the Data Owners and Data Stewards from all programs within the agency, e.g., Teacher Certification, Title I, Bilingual Education, Child Nutrition, Special Education, Facilities, Assessment, etc., the CIO and representatives from Districts and other state agencies, as appropriate. The scope of the committee’s work is:

Data Management Committee Scope
Establish standard processes, policies, training and associated communication plans for coordinated data collection, management, dissemination, and use;
Serve as a source of knowledge and advocacy for data management and initiatives;
Approve all new OSPI data collections from districts;
Maintain and enforce a current data collection calendar;
Approve all new data applications;
Identify, track, and resolve critical data issues;
Communicate critical data issues that cannot be solved internally to individuals that can influence change.

Goals of the Data Management Committee

  1. Improve data quality;
  2. Increase accountability for data accuracy;
  3. Eliminate redundancy in data collection;
  4. Improve understanding of data within OSPI and among districts;
  5. Facilitate transformation of data into information for wise decision-making;
  6. Increase use of data to make program and policy decisions;
  7. Improve data reporting capability and timeliness of reporting.

Objectives of the Data Management Committee

  1. Identify the owner of every data element;
  2. Define all data elements;
  3. Document all data processes;
  4. Standardize data processes from year to year;
  5. Reduce manual manipulation of data;
  6. Articulate roles of authority for collecting, accessing and reporting data;
  7. Identify the official source of data for all data reporting;
  8. Eliminate redundant data collections;
  9. Allow districts to review their data before it is externally reported;
  10. Communicate all data decisions/changes to districts;
  11. Increase the use of student-level data external reporting;
  12. Establish data access protocols and procedures.


   Updated 5/31/2012

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