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Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate Information

One of the important ways that OSPI supports exchange and visiting teachers from these approved programs is by issuing them the Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate, which qualifies them to teach in K-12 public schools in the state. It is imperative that all exchange or visiting teachers in the state of Washington receive the Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate and file this document with the school district office prior to beginning their teaching assignment in a public K-12 school.

Nonimmigrant Exchange Certificate Validity
Educators holding a valid Nonimmigrant Exchange Certificate may continue to renew their certificate while being sponsored by a school district in the exchange and visiting teacher program. Educators holding this certificate must apply for certificate renewal prior to the expiration date listed on the certificate. Please contact the Professional Certification Office at for application processing information.

Steps to follow:

Visiting Teacher

  1. The visiting teacher must print, fill out, and sign the application form for Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate, including Section A of the Notice of Exchange or Visiting Teacher form, and then forward the documents to the district office. (Use the requirements document for guidance.)


  1. The district must ensure the applicant has been properly fingerprinted, and that the date when the Fingerprint cards were sent is noted on the application form.
  2. The district must then send the application packet, including payment, directly to OSPI’s Professional Certification office for processing. (See the requirements document for guidance and address information.)

OSPI Professional Certification Office

  1. Once the application has been received and reviewed and the fingerprints have been accepted, OSPI’s Professional Certification office will issue the Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate, which the district can view online and download and print.

Additional Information

Additional Contact Information

  • Fingerprinting: For specific information or questions related to fingerprinting, please contact the Fingerprinting office and reference the Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate prior to addressing your question.
  • Certification: For specific information or questions related to certification, please contact Certification and reference the Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Certificate.


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