Highly Capable

Webinars and Training Materials

HiCapPLUS Professional Learning Module Workshops
Learn more about the HiCapPLUS modules and workshops, geared for all educators working with highly capable students.

2015-16 Consolidated Program Review (CPR)

2014-15 Consolidated Program Review (CPR)

CEDARS Gifted Values and Exit Codes

Revisions to 392-170 WAC

  • Changes to the WACs that govern the Highly Capable Program | The Revised WAC (PDF/63 slides

Annual Plans — iGrants
Annual Plans Class 1 Districts FP 217 (wmv) │ Class 2 Districts FP 685 (wmv)

End-of-Year Report
2013-14 School Year Data (wmv)

Evaluate Your Highly Capable Program
Pete Bylsma, Director, Assessment & Program Evaluation in the Mukilteo School District, contributed this presentation to a meeting of the Washington Educational Research Association’s (WERA) Highly Capable Special Interest Group.



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