State Gifted Advisory Committee for Gifted Education
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  Gayle Pauley
  (360) 725-6100

  Kristina Johnstone
  Program Supervisor
  (360) 725-4991



Highly Capable

State Advisory Committee for Gifted Education

The State Advisory Committee on Gifted Education will serve as an advocacy group for highly capable students by promoting:

  • Legislative support
  • Inclusion in teacher preparation programs
  • Development of strategies for identification
  • Programs reflective of cultural backgrounds and diverse interests
  • Counseling and guidance programs
  • Appreciation and support of students and families
  • Training of all school personnel for identification and accommodation
  • Increased public awareness and fiscal support

Mission Statement and Goals (PDF)
In Washington, the purpose of gifted programs is to provide all highly capable students, including those at-risk, with differentiated opportunities for learning. Programs shall be designed to identify, nurture and encourage students who possess extraordinary talents and abilities.

Basic Responsibilities and Operating Procedures (PDF)
Lists the responsibilities and functions of the State Advisory Committee for Gifted Education.

Composition and Rotation of Advisory Committee (PDF)
OSPI has developed a committee of organizations and relevant people to advise the OSPI about trends, issues and policies related to gifted education.

Committee Members
Teachers, program administrators, parents, representatives of higher education and educational organizations, and one emeritus member make up the Gifted Advisory Committee. Members are selected two ways — 1) based on depth of experience in gifted education and 2) by lot. In this way, committee membership maintains continuity, and a robust combination of expertise and practice.

2014-15 Gifted Advisory Committee Members
The 2014-15 list will be posted here as soon as the membership is final.

Gifted Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
View or print these PDF files.
2014 January 24 | June 2 | October 2
2013 May 10 | February 1 | September 20
2012 September 21 | May 4 | March 9
2011 December 2
2010 May 7 | January 22
2009 September 25 | May 8 | January 23
2008 September 26




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