Health and Physical Education Learning Standards Revision Process and Workgroup
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Health and Physical Education K–12 Learning Standards Revision Process

According to RCW 28A.655.070, it’s OSPI’s role to “develop and periodically revise essential academic learning requirements that identify the knowledge and skills all public school students need to know and be able to do” according to the state’s Basic Education Act, RCW 28A.150.210. A workgroup of 13 educators involved in statewide health and physical education efforts gathered to consider the need for revising the Washington State K-12 Health and Physical Education Learning Standards (2008). The revision process is in collaboration with the Healthiest Next Generation Initiative, OSPI Health and Physical Education, OSPI HIV and Sexual Health Education, and with the assistance of an external facilitator, Relevant Strategies.

The workgroup reviewed the most current research, state and national standards specific to the subject area, and current national and state contexts to support standards implementation. In December, the workgroup recommended to Superintendent Dorn that the Washington State K-12 Health and Physical Education Learning Standards be revised in light of the:

Other discoveries from the initial review:

  • The NPE and NHE Standards provide a strong framework that better reflect the Washington State Learning Goals. New or revised outcomes need to be developed, however, to address the specific needs of Washington State students and to progress from the existing Grade Level Expectations established in the 2008 Washington State K12 Health and Physical Education Learning Standards.
  • Current WA student learning expectations do not adequately address required sexual health content related to required HIV and STD prevention education (RCW 28A.230.070), or the 2007 Healthy Youth Act (RCW 28A.300.475).

Work Plan
The workgroup agreed to adopt both the National Physical Education Standards and the National Health Education Standards, yet revise the outcomes (of what students should know and be able to do) to reflect the established specificity and rigor already established in the 2008 Washington State K - 12 Health and Physical Education Learning Standards.

The workgroup began to develop learning outcomes that infuse the strengths of both state and national document verbiage. The revisions include:

  • Creating one document with two distinct categories:
    • Health Education (including Core Ideas: Wellness, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Safety, Social Emotional Health, and Substance Use and Abuse)
    • Physical Education
  • Maintaining the standards and structure from National Physical Education but modify outcomes to:
    • Align with Washington state laws.
    • Specify student learning expectations.
    • Align vertically across grades and strengthen depth of knowledge.

Health and Physical Education Timeline




September-December 2014

1 – Scope of Revision / Secure Approval to Revise

  • Investigation & justification for revision
  • Revision recommendations proposed
  • Approval from Superintendent Dorn to proceed with the revision process (Dec. 2014)

October 2014-August 2015

2 – Draft Standards

  • Workgroup proceeds with drafting standards
  • Internal review of draft documents
  • Bias and Sensitivity Process for PE and Health Standards

August – December 2015

  • Finalize Front Matter and other document components
  • Brief Superintendent Dorn on input and adjustments from B&S

January 2016

3 – Public Review / Input

  • Public draft review and input
  • Compile results and adjust draft if necessary

February - March 2016

4 – Final Adoption

  • Final document to OSPI Curriculum Advisory and Review Committee (CARC)for adoption recommendation to Supt. Dorn
  • Superintendent Dorn formal adoption – March 2016


Workgroup Information


Workgroup Materials
Meeting #1
Meeting #2
Meeting #3
Standard changes at a glance

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