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Graduation Requirements

Mathematics Graduation Requirements

All public high school students are required to meet statewide graduation requirements to earn a diploma. Specific graduation requirements exist for mathematics. This page serves to inform families, students and educators about those requirements.

Assessment Requirements
Students must pass certain state tests, including one in math, to be eligible for graduation. Please see for a complete list by graduating class.

If a high school student does not pass one or more required state tests, he or she must pass a CAA alternative option.

Credit Requirements
Starting with the class of 2013, Washington state requires that students earn AT LEAST THREE credits of math (algebra I/integrated math I; geometry/integrated math II; and algebra II, integrated math III, or a rigorous, high school‒level math course that meets the student’s education and career goals identified in the student’s high school and beyond plan).

For a list of state MINUMUM credit requirements, please visit the Washington State Board of Education. However, please note that many districts require additional credits to graduate. Please refer to your local district requirements to determine how many credits are required to receive a diploma from your high school.

Third Math Credit Waiver Form (Word)

More Information

  • Third credit requirement in mathematics FAQ (PDF)
    The State Board of Education has provided this FAQ in order to address questions related to the new third credit of mathematics required for students starting with the class of 2013.
  • End-of-Course Exams
    EOC exams for high school math began in spring 2011 as required by state law RCW 28A.655.066. These exams replaced the math High School Proficiency Exam and are given within the last three weeks of the school year.
  • Minimum College Admission Standards (PDF)
    Students in the class of 2012 and beyond applying for successful admission to a Washington state university are required to take mathematics as a senior. Further details are given in this Higher Education Coordinating Board document.


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