Pay for Actual Student Success (PASS) Act - HB 1599
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Pay for Actual Student Success (PASS) Act - HB 1599

The Pay for Actual Student Success (PASS) Act (PDF) was passed in the 2010–11 Legislative Session to address issues negatively impacting high school graduation rates. The purpose of the PASS Act is to assist students in addressing their individual barriers to graduating from high school, and/or successfully transition from high school to continued education and careers. Specifically, the PASS Act provided dedicated funding to four programs that have been successful at decreasing dropout, and increasing high school graduation. It also outlined an incentive program for schools successful in addressing dropout, and calls for the development of a comprehensive, integrated system to address dropout prevention, intervention, and retrieval.

Building Bridges
Building Bridges is a grant program to increase academic success and increase graduation rates through active and coordinated participation from schools, parents, and other stakeholders and agencies in the local community. The program is to target middle and high school at-risk students (including youth in foster care, youth in the juvenile justice system, and special education students) and dropouts.

Jobs for Washington Graduates
This mission of this program to assist students in addressing their individual barriers to graduating from high school and/or successfully transitions from high school to continued education and careers, by providing them an opportunity to attend a regional skill center or high school, work toward graduation, and get a job. Jobs for Washington’s Graduates (JWG) assists young people in staying in school through graduation, as well as reconnects those students who have prematurely exited the education system.

Opportunity Internship Program
The Opportunity Internship Program (OIP) provides incentives for local consortia to build educational and employment pipelines for low income high school students in high demand occupations in targeted industries. Consortia are formed for the purpose of participating in OIP and may be composed of the local Workforce Development Council (WDC), Economic Development Council, area high schools, community or technical colleges, apprenticeship council and pre-apprenticeship programs, institutions of higher education, private vocational schools, employers in targeted industries, and labor organizations.

College Success Foundation
The College Success Foundation provides many services to support youth, including:

  • College Bound Scholarship Program
    The College Bound Scholarship guides low-income 7th and 8th graders on the path to a college education by offering the promise of tuition when the student reaches college age if the student keeps up his or her grades and stays crime-free.
  • HERO Initiative
    The HERO Initiative (Higher Education Readiness Opportunity) is designed to increase college readiness for males, specifically males of color, and other underrepresented youth by providing support directly to students, their families, and academic communities to ensure that they have the resources necessary to help them build their academic and leadership abilities.

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