May 20, 2013 - OSPI Statewide Reengagement Convening
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May 20, 2013
OSPI Statewide Reengagement Convening

Reengaging disconnected youth through programs that:

  • Encourage community partnerships
  • Create multiple pathways for students to realize success
  • Provide an on-ramp to post-secondary achievement through a performance based, individualized support model

Open Doors



  1. Understand the context of the Open Doors 1418 Reengagement policy as an option to meet the needs of out of school youth (session 1 & 2)
  2. Explore options to link/leverage reengagement efforts with local and regional organizations including community based leadership and multi-system support agencies/economic development/workforce training and skill building strategies.
  3. Investigate lessons learned from others in developing reengagement programs within a community impact approach as the lens for the strategic and tactical development of Washington statewide implementations.
  4. Plan together to foster peer learning, provide technical assistance and develop as a community network of reengagement efforts.
  5. Promote continuation of maximum learning and the sharing of best practice within the community network in a range of topics of high relevance.


9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Building a Framework - Sue Furth & Kim Infinger

  • What is in your packet!
  • Recap of Meeting Objectives & Context for the Reengagement Framework

9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Open Doors [1418] Youth Reengagement:
Can Policy & Tools Meet Imagination & Innovation?

Overview of Policy & Tools: - Sue Furth

  • Policy Framework: WAC 392-700
  • Tools: Implementation Guide, Approval Checklist & Web Resources
  • Ready, Set… now what?
    • Barriers to Implementation
    • Q&A-in terms of what you have heard so far?
    • Imagination & Innovation: Rethinking the Possibilities of Who, What, Where & How!

10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.


10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Worksheet 1

Panel I:
Current Open Doors [1418] Reengagement Programs

Introductions & Moderator: Rachel Antrobus, Gateway to College

  • Individual Program/Model of Operation overviews:
    • Lake Washington Institute of Technology- Gateway To College
    • Kent School District & Green River CC- iGRAD
    • ESD 113 Consortium- GRAVITY High School
  • Q&A

11:30 a.m. – Noon
Worksheet 2

Working Session I:
Youth at the Center: Discovering Needs, Assets, and Gaps

Facilitator: Rachel Antrobus, Gateway to College

  • Who are the disconnected youth in your community?
  • What programs and strategies exist to reengage them?
  • What are the gaps and opportunities to grow?
  • Adjourn to lunch

Noon. – 1:00 p.m.

12:30 p.m.

(Net)Working Lunch!

Andrew Moore, Senior Fellow, National League of Cities Youth Education & Family Institute - National Perspective on Reengagement

1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.
Worksheet 3

Panel II:
Expanding Multiple Pathways for Youth

Introductions & Moderator: Nick Mathern, Gateway to College

  • Pathway Perspectives overview:
    • Community and Technical Colleges
    • Workforce and Economic Development
    • Community Based Organizations
  • Q&A

2:30- p.m.- 2:45 p.m

Randy Dorn - Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Superintendent

2:45 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Snack Break

3:00 p.m.- 3:45 p.m.
Worksheet 4
Worksheet 5

Working Session II:
The Puzzle: Locating the Pieces and Pulling Them Together.

  • Planning to Zero In- More Questions & Data to Support the Answers!
    • Identify who to serve and what are their needs are.
    • What do we need locally to support a reengagement program?
      • Aligned on-ramps for Reengagement Programs
      • Youth Outreach & Development
      • Connecting to Careers
    • What are the gaps in support?
    • How do we plan to communicate the need and engage the community of partners and youth in developing the plan?
    • What kinds of technical assistance are still needed?
  • Assemble next steps based on notes and worksheets.

3:45 p.m.- 4:45 p.m.

Share Working Session Reflections
Large group discussion

All participants

  • Working session’s discussion.
  • Q&A
  • Revisit meeting objectives:
    • What questions do we still have?
    • How do we continue to foster peer learning, sharing best practice and inform policy as a network?
  • Action Items

4:45 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

OSPI available for questions

Attendee List

Attendees (PDF)


Mike Hudson

Association of Washington Business

Gordon O'Dell

Auburn School District

Jim Blanchard

Auburn Youth Resources (ayr4kids)

Glenn Jackson

Bellevue Community College

Leonor de Malonado

Columbia Basin Community College

Kirsten Avery

Community Center for Education Results

Hannah Gold

Center for Children & Youth Justice

Bridgett Kidd

Centralia Community College

Holly Miller

City of Seattle

Kathryn Aisenberg

City of Seattle

Sid Sidorowicz

City of Seattle

Holly Shaffer

Cloverpark School District

Cassie Franklin

Cocoon House

Sarah Bennett

Cocoon House

Katara Jordan

Columbia Legal

Susan Richards

Communities In Schools

Aimee Bishop

Coupeville School District

John Luvera

Coupeville School District

Steve Dobo

Colorado Youth for a Change

Judy Hall

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Kathleen Harvey

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Bill Henningsgard

Eastside Pathways

Katie Weaver-Randall

Washington State Education Research and Data Center (ERDC)

Astri Zidak

ESD 101

Heidi Peterson

ESD 101

Ann Allen

ESD 105

Gavin Hottman

ESD 112

Kevin Johnson

ESD 112

Lynn Nelson

ESD 113

Mike Hickman

ESD 113

Wes Pruitt

ESD 113

Kristin Schutte

ESD 114

Hilary Loeb

ESD 121

Jane Murray

ESD 121

Jill Patnode

ESD 121

Kelly Goodsell

ESD 121

Shelley Seslar

ESD 171

Jodie DesBiens

ESD 189

Ron Mayberry

Federal Way Public Schools

Nicole Yohalen

Forum For Youth Investment

Valinda Jones

Franklin Pierce School District

Terry Pottmeyer

Friends of Youth

Nick Mathern

Gateway to College

Rachel Antrobus

Gateway to College

Kris Barnum

Gateway to College

Bridgette Perrigoue

Granite Falls School District

Mike Sullivan

Granite Falls School District

Catherine Cantrell

Green River Community College

Barb Wilson

Highline Public Schools

Bruce Dearborn

Highline Public Schools

Alexandra Manuel

Highline Community College

Kao Saechao

Highline Community College

Carol Cleveland

Kent School District

Linda DelGiudice

Kent School District

Mike Heinisch

Kent Youth & Family Services

Marcus Stubblefield

King County

Guru Dorje

Learning Center North

Kurt Gray

Longview School District

Rod McHattie

Longview School District

Dennis Long

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Kim Infinger

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Michelle Price

Moses Lake School District

Andrew Moore

National League of Cities, Council on Youth, Education and Families (YEF Council)

Kim Chapman

North Seattle Community College

Alan Burke

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Becky McLean

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Dan Newell

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Karl Nelson

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Mike Hubert

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Randy Dorn

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Rhett Nelson

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Sue Furth

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Pam Brokaw

Partners In Careers

Carla Gay

Portland Public Schools

Jocelyn Bigay-Salter

Portland Public Schools

Alisha Nosworthy

Puyallup School District

Barbara Pope

Puyallup School District

Corine Pennington

Puyallup School District

Crystalee Sweeting

Puyallup School District

Kurt Miller

Resources for Education and Career Help (REACH)

Damien Pattenaude

Renton School District

Jodi Novotny

Renton Technical College

Steve Hanson

Renton Technical College

Michael Davie

Renton Youth Source

Lou Sager

Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC)

Al Griswold

Seattle Community College, Seattle Vocational Institute

Lynne Tucker

School’s Out Washington

Peter Cavanaugh

Seattle King County Workforce Development Council (WDC)

Janet Blanford

Seattle Schools

jeff Petty

Seattle Schools

Kaaren Andrews

Seattle Schools

Melissa Rysemus

Seattle Schools

Mariko Kakiuchi

Shoreline Community College

Israel Mendoza

Skill Link

Susan Adams

Skill Source

Yolanda Rios

Skill Source

John Belcher

Snoqualmie Valley School District

Lorena Aranda-Rodriguez


Bryan Hayes

Southwest Youth & Family Services

Steve Daschle

Southwest Youth & Family Services

Dr. Glen Cosby

Spokane Falls Community College

Jennifer Alt

Spokane Falls Community College

Fred Schrumpf

Spokane Public Schools

Joan Poirer

Spokane Public Schools

John Lederer

South Sound Community College

Curt Peterson

South Sound Community College-Career Link

Molly Ward

South Sound Community College-Career Link

Maurene Stanton

Stanwood School District

Dolores Haugen

Tacoma Community College

Gregory Einsnaugle

Tacoma Public Schools

Krestin Bahr

Tacoma Public Schools

Teresa Maxwell

Tacoma Public Schools

Leslie Rennie-Hill

TMG/U.S. Department of Education

Carol VanNoy

United Way King City

Doug Whalen

United Way King City

Theresa Fujiwara

United Way King City

Bob Green

Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives

Ellie Chambers

Washington Economic Development Association

Scott Harrison

White River School District

Linda Nguyen

Workforce Central

Julie Heijster

Workforce Snohomish

Jonelle Adams

Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA)

Justin Montermini

Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board (WTB)

Mike Brennan

Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board (WTB)

Eric Anderson

Youth Care

Melinda Giovengo

Youth Care

Dave Hanson

Youth Outreach Yakima

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