Building Bridges: A Dropout Prevention, Intervention and Retrieval System
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Building Bridges: A Dropout Prevention, Intervention and Reengagement System

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The Building Bridges Grant program awards grants to build capacity for comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement systems. These systems use data driven approaches to identify students at risk of dropping out of school and provide timely interventions and supports, as well as reengage students who have dropped out.

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Grant Models

Building Bridges is currently funding 3 models of grants.

Demonstration Model
Building Bridges grantees that have developed action plans and are continuing to implement and refine strategies defined in previous work.

DEWIS Planning and Implementation (DPI) Model
School Districts building systemic capacity at the district level to increase graduation rates for ALL students. This is accomplished through the use of evidence-based dropout prevention practices and the incorporation of strategies for the interpretation and effective use of collected data.

Design and deliver high quality enquiry templates, tools and protocols focused on the context of dropout early warning prevention and intervention. This will be accomplished through asynchronous online systems, teleconferencing, and in person institutes.


Current Grant Recipients

  • Demonstration Grants
    • ESD 113
    • Granite Falls School District
  • DPI Grants
    • Evergreen SD - ESD 112
    • Longview SD - ESD 112
    • Sultan SD - ESD 189
    • West Valley SD (Yakima) - ESD 105
    • Federal Way SD - PSESD 121
    • Kent SD - PSESD 121
    • Renton SD - PSESD 121
    • Tukwila SD - PSESD 121
  • DEWIS.EDU Institute Grant
    • ESD 113


History of grants – relation to GATE

Building Bridges was originally created by the 2007 Washington State Legislature as a state-level workgroup to make recommendations on the development of a statewide comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement system.

These recommendations were issued in 2010 and resulted in 2011-13 passage of House Bill 1599, the Pay for Actual Student Success (PASS) act. This bill provided funds for grants to put recommendations from the Building Bridges workgroup into action on a local level. These Building Bridges Grants and are awarded to schools, families, community organizations and agencies for comprehensive dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement system work.

View the Grant Models tab for more information on the current grant models and goals.

With the initial Building Bridges workgroup recommendations submitted to the legislature and the Building Bridges Grants established, the workgroup rebranded itself Graduation A Team Effort (GATE). GATE continues to work on state and local level collective impact efforts to reduce dropouts and increase graduation and youth success. Visit What is GATE to learn more about the Building Bridges workgroup and its transition into Graduation A Team Effort.

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