Common Religious and U.S. Public Holidays, 2017-18
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Common Religious and U.S. Public Holidays, 2017-18

Dates Name of Holiday Religion/ U.S. Holiday Days of the Week Notes
September 1, 2017 +/- one dayEid al-AdhaIslamicFridayThe date may vary based on religious school of thought
September 4, 2017Labor DayU.S. HolidayMonday
September 21, 2017Muharram (Al Hijrah - New Year) *Islamic*Thursday
September 21-22, 2017Navaratri / DassehraHinduThursday-Friday
September 30, 2017Yom Kippur *Jewish*Saturday
October 13, 2017Rosh Hashanah *Jewish*Friday
October 5, 2017 and October 6, 2017Sukkot *Jewish*Thursday - Friday
October 9, 2017Columbus Day (Observed)U.S. HolidayMonday
October 12, 2017Sh’mini Atzeret *Jewish *Thursday
October 13, 2017Simchat Torah *Jewish *Friday
October 19, 2017DiwaliHinduThursday
November 10, 2017Veteran’s Day (Observed)U.S. HolidayFriday
November 23, 2017Thanksgiving DayU.S. HolidayThursday
December 1, 2017Maulid al-Nabi *Islamic *FridayObserved after sundown or in the evenings
December 13-20, 2017Hanukkah *Jewish *Wednesday - WednesdayWed. – Wed.
(only observed after sundown or in the evenings)
December 25, 2017ChristmasChristian / U.S. HolidayMonday
January 1, 2018New Year’s DayU.S. HolidayMonday
January 7, 2018Christmas (Orthodox)Orthodox ChristianSunday
January 15, 2018Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Observed)U.S. HolidayMonday
February 14, 2018Ash WednesdayChristianWednesday
February 14, 2018Maha ShivaratriHinduWednesday
February 16, 2018Lunar New YearChineseFridayDate is based on the lunar calendar.
February 19, 2018President’s Day (Observed)U.S. HolidayMonday
February 19, 2018Beginning of Lent (Clean Monday)Orthodox ChristianMonday
March 1, 2018Purim *Jewish *Thursday
March 2-3, 2018HoliHinduFriday - Saturday
March 26, 2018RamanavamiHinduMonday
March 30, 2018Good FridayChristianFriday
March 31 - April 7, 2018Passover *Jewish *Saturday - SaturdaySat. – Sat.
(only the 1st and 2nd and 6th and 7th days of Passover are observed all day)
April 1, 2018EasterChristianSunday
April 6, 2018Good Friday (Orthodox)Orthodox ChristianFriday
April 8, 2018Easter (Pascha)Orthodox ChristianSunday
May 16, 2018Ramadan (Beginning) *Islamic *Wednesday
May 28, 2018Memorial Day (Observed)U.S. HolidayMonday
May 20, 2018Shavouth *Jewish *Sunday
June 10, 2018Laylat al-Qadr *Islamic *Sunday
June 14, 2018 +/- one dayEid Al-FitrIslamic *MondayThe date may vary based on religious school of thought

* All Jewish and Islamic holidays listed above begin at sundown on the previous day.
* Muslim holiday dates may vary based on interpretations of the lunar calendar.


Common Religious and Public Holidays for School Year

   Updated 4/17/2018

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