Student Athletic Interest and Abilities Survey
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Student Athletic Interest and Abilities Survey

School districts must administer a student survey at least once every three years. This survey helps schools determine student interest in specific sports so they can plan which sports to offer to equally meet the interests of male and female students.

Step 1  
Survey all students using the OSPI survey questions
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Districts must use the survey questions developed by OSPI. If your district wants to modify the survey, get approval from the Equity and Civil Rights Office before administering. Districts can make formatting changes, add questions, or adapt the survey for Scantron or online application without approval.

Step 2  
Disaggregate the survey results by sex and by building to determine the top sports requested and the top reasons for non-participation

Student Athletic Survey: Results Summary Worksheet (Word)

Step 3  
Plan next steps. Consider the results of the survey when evaluating the athletic programs and to make sure the district meets the Three-Part Test.

If the top sports requested by the underrepresented sex are not currently offered, plan next steps - such as following up with students about their interest, researching the feasibility of the sport and available competition, and assessing if there are enough interested students in a new sport or squad to sustain a team.

Step 4  
Communicate the survey results. School board members, parents, students, administrators, and coaches are interested in the steps the district is taking to make sure athletic programs are equitable.

Student Interests and Abilities | Three-Part Test
Schools must make sure their athletic programs accommodate the interests and abilities of both sexes, considering the results of the athletic interest survey. The Three-Part Test determines if a school is equally meeting the interests and abilities of male and female students.

The Athletic Opportunities Worksheet can help you evaluate your school’s compliance with the Three-Part Test.
Worksheet (ZIP)

State Policy

  • Athletics (Guidelines: Prohibiting Discrimination, pages 40–54)
  • WAC 392-190-025 Recreational and Athletic Activities
  • WAC 392-190-030 Recreational and Athletic Activities—Annual Athletic Evaluation
  • WAC 392-190-040 Recreational and Athletic Activities—Student Athletic Interest Survey
  • WAC 392-190-045 Recreational and Athletic Activities—Facilities

Federal Policy and Guidance

Three Part Test

Students with Disabilities


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