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Evergreen Heights Elementary - Kindergarten to Grade 5
We are responsible for the learning that all our students master. We find our greatest resources within the school. We adapt to the changing needs of each child, and we depend on each other for the support that makes it possible to reach for the best and most we are able to give...Principal Anne Gayman



Let’s take a closer look at the model for math instruction at Evergreen Heights. This school runs a full inclusion model, so all students work toward the academic goals outlined in our state standards. Personalization amplifies and enriches the individual learning experience — integrated within daily walk-to-math/reading interventions. This attention to the unique needs of each student also expresses itself through the varied instructional approaches that drive learning activities in several enrichment groups.

Constant Monitoring for Gains & Struggles
Classroom teachers deliver instruction based on core curriculum. Instructional strategies, student grouping and individual interventions are organized at the grade level but dependent on student learning needs. However, as skill levels become apparent and formative assessment data details where students have achieved mastery and where they are struggling, teachers place students in smaller groups to extend learning or focus on specific skills.

Academic support is not scarce outside classroom time, as well — Evergreen Heights teachers instruct individual students during recess, and before and after school.

Student Group Materials Practice


Math Core

Standards-based curriculum, designed by teachers, and based on Auburn SD’s grade-level pacing calendar.

Instructional resources: Saxon Math, Kim Sutton, GLAD, district Problem Solvers curriculum

45-60 minutes of daily instruction includes these activities:

  • New concepts based on standards-based curriculum
  • Review earlier learning goals
  • Gradual release of responsibility
  • Independent practice time


Walk-to-math intervention Resources: IXL, EDM, DreamBox, Origo, Accelerated Math

30-45 minutes of daily instruction:

  • Below-level students receive smallest group re-teaching
  • On-level students receive small group review
  • Above–level students receive enrichment (at the next grade level or grade-level standards at greater depth)


Origo, XtraMath, Saxon Math

Regular fact practice

We Can Make the Connection
Core curricula designed around state academic standards forms the foundation of what and how teachers instruct at Evergreen Heights Elementary. Teaching strategies, interventions, individualized enrichment — all the components of a successful instructional and assessment framework are in place and reflect this key element of the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools.

quoteThe planned and actual curricula are aligned with the essential academic learning requirements (EALRs). Research-based teaching strategies and materials are used. Staff understands the role of classroom and state assessments, what the assessments measure, and how student work is evaluated. quote

  The Blueprint

Professional Development
Student Support


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