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Evergreen Heights Elementary - Kindergarten to Grade 5
We are responsible for the learning that all our students master. We find our greatest resources within the school. We adapt to the changing needs of each child, and we depend on each other for the support that makes it possible to reach for the best and most we are able to give...Principal Anne Gayman



Values and beliefs run deeply and consistently through the thoughts and actions of every staff member at Evergreen Heights Elementary. In their own words...


quote We are responsible for all students’ learning. We find our greatest resources within our building. We adapt to students’ changing needs and lean on one another to support each other and our students. We encourage learning through a fun, positive environment. We go the extra mile to motivate our students. We value and build relationships to foster trust and teamwork creating an extraordinary program. We work hard to help our students achieve and have fun doing it! quote

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