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Evergreen Heights Elementary - Kindergarten to Grade 5
We are responsible for the learning that all our students master. We find our greatest resources within the school. We adapt to the changing needs of each child, and we depend on each other for the support that makes it possible to reach for the best and most we are able to give...Principal Anne Gayman



Teachers use their PLC time to analyze assessment data at the level of the individual student. The results of this close analysis provide the raw material for any changes to instruction and student placement in whole and small groups for math and reading.

Here are the routine assessment tools Evergreen Heights teachers apply to monitor student progress.

  • Measurement of Student Progress (MSP)
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) — adaptive testing that MAP helps teachers pinpoint where students are ready to advance and where they need help
  • Standards-based math skills assessment
  • Formative and summative assessments created by Evergreen Heights teachers in their PLCs
  • Problem solvers formative assessments provided by the Auburn School District

Here is a closer look at the formative assessment framework in operation at Evergreen Heights. This table spotlights K-5 math.

Math Assessment System (FORMATIVE) Student Group Cycle

Standards-based common assessments

Grades 1-5


Problem solvers provided by Auburn SD

Grades 3-5

Responsive to student need

Exit tickets/closure activities

  • Short tasks that students must complete before they can move to the next activity. They might have to solve a problem, create a reflection, write an explanation. The idea is to task the student in a way that aligns directly to the lesson. Exit tickets and closure activities provide a snapshot that lets the teacher know if the student mastered these new concepts or needs more instructional support.

Grades K-5

Responsive to student need

White board practice

Grades 1-5

Daily to weekly

Teacher conferences with individual students

Grades K-5

Responsive to student need

Skills test

Grade K

Once every trimester

Standards-based math skills assessment

Grade 1-5

Once every trimester

We Can Make the Connection
Assessment — formative and summative — is embedded into the daily instructional practice of every Evergreen Heights teacher. Assessment data acts as the vital barometer of learning progress able to deliver a cool, clear insight into the struggles and achievements of young students. These teachers are creative problem-solvers who respond quickly and effectively to the data — a discipline that attests to a key element of the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools.

quoteA steady cycle of different assessments identify students who need help. More support and instructional time are provided, either during the school day or outside normal school hours, to students who need more help. Teaching is adjusted based on frequent monitoring of student progress and needs. Assessment results are used to focus and improve instructional programs. quote

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