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East Port Orchard Elementary, Kindergarten - Grade 6
Every child is of the utmost importance. It is our supreme task that no matter the background or ability, we will care for and teach them as if they were our own and our most important link to the future...Principal Kristi Smith


Student Support

Staff at East Port Orchard apply the principles of a wide range of proven behavioral programming as they interact with students in the classroom, hallways and playground. This programming is a rich blend of positive behavioral activities and augmented learning that engages families and communities... where teachers and families are bound together in the certain knowledge that the future our children create is founded on the education we give them today.

Behavioral Support & Intervention

Love & Logic
Staff practice techniques that help to modify behavior to create a positive classroom environment.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (P.B.I.S.)
P.B.I.S provides a research-based decision-making framework though which staff can practice evidence-based methods for improving academic and behavioral outcomes

Peaceful Playgrounds
This popular program opens up a wide range of constructive activities designed for playgrounds and field areas.

Watch DOGS Dads (Dads of Great Students)
Encourages interaction with positive male role models by bringing father volunteers into East Port Orchard. Watch DOG dads also improve school security and reduce bullying.

PALS (Partners in Learning Success) Mentoring Program
School based, PALS matches county employees, school district staff and community members with elementary school children that need additional support from caring adult role models.

Weekend Backpacks for Kids
Backpacks for Kids is a weekend food program that works with the South Kitsap School District and The Boys and Girls Club to help feed children from households, which are struggling financially.

Behavioral Experts
South Kitsap School District staffs a behavioral interventionist in all elementary buildings. At the school level, these specialists create individualized behavior plans as needed and support staff as they use techniques that affect positive behavior.

Student Award Program
Students receive awards for academic achievement, gains in effort and better behavior at a special assembly held every month.

Peer Mediator Playground Program
Highly responsible students in grades 4-6 can take on a role as peer mediator. Peer mediators model sensitive friendship skills and good decision-making. During recesses, they negotiate conflicts between students. Program principles are based on the conflict mediation training of the Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center. More here in a Kitsap Sun article by Adele Berlinski.

Academic Support & Intervention
There are plenty of extra-curricular activities and clubs that open up new ways to apply what the kids learn in school. Here is a sampling of what East Port Orchard students can do after classes end each day.

Extra-curricular activities that build academic skills: Knitting Club, Chess Club, Honor Choir, basketball, Changing Families Group, Friendship Group, social interaction groups.

There are also many opportunities for direct academic support that extend the learning interventions that take place in class:

  • Kinder Academy. Certified teachers provide additional support for emerging learners in kindergarten.
  • Lending Library. Grade-leveled books are available for parents and students to check out.
  • Volunteers. Focus on specific skills, working with individual students and small groups.
  • Push-in intervention. Certified teaching staff use a reader’s workshop format to provide targeted reading support.
  • Pull-out intervention. Certified teaching staff provide targeted math support to small groups of children.
  • ArtsEd Washington. East Port Orchard Elementary takes advantage of the programs and resources ArtsEd provides to K-12 schools keen to sustain arts-related programming.
  • Parent Resource Center. This is a dedicated area in the school building where parents can check out games, parenting resources and academic supplemental materials, and have access to the school nurse.

Before the First Day of School

  • Kindergarten Sneak Peek. A program for brand new kindergarteners and parents to experience a little of the kindergarten environment and meet the teachers.
  • Kindergarten Jump Start. East Port Orchard provides a three-day introduction to kindergarten skills and expectations during the summer.

District & Community Involvement & Events

Here’s East Port Orchard’s plan for family and community engagement.

Family Nights
Math Night
Staff, students and families enjoy an evening of fun with math. Attendance can top 100. Everyone enjoys the opportunity to interact with teachers and work at solving various math problems. Kitsap Community Credit Union employees volunteer at this event

Books and Bears
Hugely popular — families bring their K-1 students (in jammies) back to school in the early evening to read to, and learn how to read effectively with their children.

Science Fair
Young scientists in grades 3-6 demonstrate the scientific process. A home/school collaboration creates this opportunity to present their experiments — one of the best-attended events of the year.

Success Night
End-of-the-school-year opportunity for students and families to celebrate their academic and personal successes. East Port Orchard staff create activities that will support academic progress through the summer.

Dr. Seuss Night
Makes for a big turnout of East Port Orchard families, who gather in the library to read some of their favorite Dr. Seuss stories. Then, a big celebration with a birthday cake for Dr. Seuss in the cafeteria.

Back to School Event
Entertainment, music, hands-on games, art projects, performances, school bus rides and more celebrate the beginning of the new school year. In a big finish at the end of the day, the South Kitsap Community Band leads a kids’ parade. Everything is free, and that includes family health services with health screenings for vision, hearing and dental.

Read with a Hero
Local first responders and military personnel come to a morning flag ceremony and stay to read a story in each classroom. Read with a Hero happens in and around September 11 each year.

Parent Advisory Board
East Port Orchard staff recognize that parents are the most important teachers. Parents can volunteer in a number of capacities including classroom support. They are welcome at all school events and come together as a force for positive input on the Parent Advisory Board.

Rotary Readers
Every month, the local Rotary Club members purchase books for kindergarten classrooms, and spend some time in each classroom reading to the children.

Kiwanis Club Terrific Kid Award
This recognition program promotes character development, self-esteem and perseverance. Students work with their classroom teacher to establish goals to improve behavior, peer relationships, attendance or school work. Terrific Kids enjoy a party and receive a special certificate.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
School culture is greatly enriched by a very active PTA that functions as an integral element of school life at East Port Orchard. PTA members and school staff work closely together on school-centered family activities. East Port Orchard’s Open House, Fall Carnival, Bingo nights, Family Learning Nights and the Reading and Writing Celebration are just a few of the opportunities for family and community engagement made possible by the PTA. Funds raised support field trips, sponsor assemblies, pay for scholarships to summer school, buy playground equipment and much more.

We Can Make the Connection
At its core, East Port Orchard runs as a family and community center, a safe harbor and a place where learning and teaching and ideas dreams for the future can flourish. In the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools, school environment plays an enormous role in student achievement — personal and academic — as does the shared effort of the adult community, in all its aspects.

quote The school has a safe, civil, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Students feel respected and connected with the staff and are engaged in learning. Instruction is personalized and small learning environments increase student contact with teachers.

There is a sense that all have a responsibility to educate students, not just the teachers and staff in schools. Families, as well as businesses, social service agencies, and community colleges/universities all play a vital role in this effort. quote

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