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East Port Orchard Elementary, Kindergarten - Grade 6
Every child is of the utmost importance. It is our supreme task that no matter the background or ability, we will care for and teach them as if they were our own and our most important link to the future...Principal Kristi Smith



The teaching staff at East Port Orchard have established a purposeful and sophisticated framework through which they can reach and teach every child in their care. It is a layered, dynamic program with opportunities to reflect on their instructional practice, analyze results and collaborate with peers on a path of continuous improvement. Technically, this framework is a Response to Intervention (RTI) model modified to meet the unique demands of the student population.

The interplay of whole-group and small-group instruction is pivotal as is the use of core, standards-based curricula. Teaching strategies are grounded solidly in research-based, proven methodology and materials are chosen for their alignment to these well-designed curricula. Teachers integrate the assessment data set as an essential element of evaluating student progress.

Core Curricula at the Center
All children receive instruction in core curricula and all teachers maintain fidelity to this standard-based course of study. At East Port Orchard, children take advantage of a push-in intervention model that uses whole group-small group-whole group teaching and learning activities. Teachers monitor student progress through grade-level common assessment data and identify students who need intervention — a clear sign that data monitoring drives instruction.

Home room teachers deliver instruction to the whole class; however struggling students receive two and three layers of instruction through certificated support staff and special education teachers. Collaboration among the teaching team takes place every Wednesday morning for an hour.

Carefully Structured Teaching & Learning
Here are the single ingredients that synch and synthesize every day to create a meaningful and relevant teaching and learning experience for every child and teacher at East Port Orchard.

  • Whole group instruction for all students in core curriculum
  • Whole group-to-small group-to-whole group instruction in reading
  • Guided reading groups use differentiated content and materials
  • K-5 reading receives Title I teaching support for the classroom push-in model — minimum of 40 minutes, four days every week
  • 90-minute uninterrupted time block for reading every day
  • Specific instructional strategies for flexible groups within the reader’s workshop model — Daily 5, which structures student time to integrate the daily habit of reading, writing and working independently.
  • Frequent assessments and results analysis
  • District unit planners assist with math instruction
  • Data-driven, skill-based math interventions for small groups that use a pull-out model
  • Within the regular classroom, teachers deliver intervention workshops.
  • Professional development includes grade-level trainings led by district specialists that help teachers develop a common understanding of the state’s academic standards

Data, PD, Uninterrupted Blocks for Reading & Math
Here are two of the school improvement plans that configure instruction, professional development, assessment, resources and staffing at a high level.

Let’s take a look at a graphical view of the instructional/curricular approach at East Port Orchard Elementary.

Student Group Materials Practice


Reading core Mondo for grades 1-5

Maintain fidelity to the original intent, activities and objectives of core curriculum

  • 90-minute uninterrupted literacy block every day
  • Whole group-small group-whole group instruction + guided reading every day
  • Push-in intervention model 40-45 minutes, 4 days/week
  • Special education students receive additional instruction that includes:

Grade 6

Reading core


Math core
Everyday Math

  • 90-minute block of math instruction daily (35 minutes in kindergarten)
  • Small, needs-based groups receive pull-out intervention
  • Math tutoring by volunteers every week

Grades 5-6

Math core
Connected Math

  • 90-minute block of math instruction daily
  • Small, needs-based groups receive pull-out intervention
  • Math tutoring by volunteers every week

We Can Make the Connection
“The interplay of whole-group and small-group instruction is pivotal as is the use of core, standards-based curricula” forms the basis of every decision related to instruction and intervention at East Port Orchard Elementary. Coupled with teaching strategies grounded in research-based, proven methodologies, East Port Orchard completes and amplifies this important element of the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools.

quote The planned and actual curricula are aligned with the essential academic learning requirements (EALRs). Research-based teaching strategies and materials are used. Staff understands the role of classroom and state assessments, what the assessments measure, and how student work is evaluated. quote

  The Blueprint

Professional Development
Student Support


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