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East Port Orchard Elementary, Kindergarten - Grade 6
Every child is of the utmost importance. It is our supreme task that no matter the background or ability, we will care for and teach them as if they were our own and our most important link to the future...Principal Kristi Smith



Grade-level teams use a segment of their weekly Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings to create common assessments. These customized, well thought through evaluations are designed to measure each student’s progress toward meeting state standards.

Monitor with Common Grade-level Assessment Data
The results of these formative and summative assessments that target specific standards are used to drive instruction, and grade-level interventions. The assessments also come into play as teachers plan extension activities for students meeting standards. Title 1 staff at East Port Orchard use grade-level common assessment data, along with the results of Washington’s Measurements of Student Progress to design additional small group interventions for students unable to meet standard.

Here is a graphical look at the assessment system that operates at East Port Orchard.

Assessment System Student Group Cycle

Standards-based skills assessment


4 times/year

Mondo reading curriculum assessment

  • Letter/sound knowledge
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Oral language
  • Letter/sound correspondence
  • Print concepts


Minimum 3 times/year

Running Records (allows teachers to assess reading performance as she/he reads from a benchmark book)


Summative: minimum 3 times/year Formative: ongoing to determine text level and analyze miscues

DRA (developmental reading assessment)

Grade 2


MSP (Measurement of Student Progress)

Grades 3-6


Common grade level writing prompts


3 times/year

Math benchmark assessment


K-2: 3 times/year
Grades 3-5: minimum 2 times/year

Everyday Math Curriculum Math Unit Assessments, pre-and post-tests


Throughout the year

Connected Math Curriculum unit tests

Grades 5-6

Throughout year

CPAA (Children’s Progress Academic Assessment)

Grades 2-5 intervention groups

3 times/year

We Can Make the Connection
East Port Orchard staff understand how the relationship between instruction and assessment works at the classroom level. This deep understanding makes it possible to build a child-centered learning environment able to provide what each student needs as they work toward meeting the state benchmarks for understanding. Their work aligns closely with this key element of the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools.

quote A steady cycle of different assessments identify students who need help. More support and instructional time are provided, either during the school day or outside normal school hours, to students who need more help. Teaching is adjusted based on frequent monitoring of student progress and needs. Assessment results are used to focus and improve instructional programs. quote

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