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Crownhill Elementary - Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5
It takes more than a teacher to educate a child. It takes a school and all its resources, it takes families and community members — all united in the conviction, that as a society, our greatest responsibility is to level the educational field for every child...Principal Jill Carlson


Student Support

The wholeness of children, as young people learning and experiencing life, is a notion that has great presence at Crownhill Elementary. Staff build out the classroom experience with field trips and character programming that establish positive norms for behavior and relationship. Field trips build background knowledge on a subject, and flex new vocabulary that adds to a student’s ability to interact with a concept. Reward-based character programming opens regular opportunities for recognition, honor and celebration.

Safe, Confident Students
High expectations are in place for academic performance and positive behavior, which keeps these young learners focused. And again, this is a staff that will do whatever it takes to support kids as they reach higher — they exercise explicit teaching techniques that encourage good behavior. So, there is great effort and attention paid to the quality of the school environment. Crownhill students feel safe, confident and able to have a good time while they learn. Success is success whether it happens in the classroom or out.

In common areas throughout the school, consistent rules for behavior display prominently. A self-management program called CHAMP (Cooperative, Honest, Attentive, Managing and Polite) supports and promotes positive behavior with skills that work in the classroom and beyond. The CHAMP application is an exercise in self-awareness and positive interaction with adults.

Attendance Numbers Reflect Student Engagement
No surprise — high expectations do not dampen attendance. More than 95% of students and staff are at school every day. This impressive number means that students maximize their time with high quality instruction and have all the time possible to build new skills. Leveraging this high level of student engagement, Crownhill staff developed a special program that rewards perfect attendance for individual students and classrooms.

This table shows us some of the programming that supports student life at Crownhill. A strong PTA works tirelessly alongside teachers and staff organizing, fund raising, engaging families and reaching out to the community.

Recognition for Creative & Academic Talents
Our table highlights but does not capture all the activities, events and opportunities for students to flex their creative and academic talents — Mad Science, early morning Spanish class, a conflict mediator program, school patrols and store supervisors, overnight environmental camp, WATCH DOG, book fairs…the list goes on.

High Academic Expectations in a Safe, Nurturing Environment

Spirit assemblies

Monthly opportunities to celebrate successes — big and small — including attendance, behavior, group and individual accomplishments. Here is a sample Spirit assembly agenda.

CHAMP program

Self-management program that encourages appropriate behavior, and rewards and recognizes students who meet the CHAMP program standards. Here is the CHAMP application.

Tutor program

Partnership with a church in the Crownhill neighborhood. Volunteers provide weekly one-to-one tutoring and homework help for struggling students. School staff train the tutors in strategies proven to help young learners master skills and concepts. The church holds a weekly dinner event for families whose children participate in the program.

Early morning learning

Crownhill staff run three sessions — five to eight weeks each — of early morning instruction. These sessions occur four times a week and last 45 minutes. As supplemental instruction, teachers target students who are struggling with math, reading and science. The school provides the added bussing.


100+ volunteers gave more than 4,000 hours to the kids at Crownhill Elementary during the 2011-12 school year. These committed community members delivered a wide range of student support services, field day supervision, and academic help, such as reading/math practice and progress monitoring.

Math night

Staff create a carnival atmosphere where kids and families can play with math games. Parents learn a few entertaining ways to practice math skills at home.

Reading night

This popular event can take the shape of a spaghetti feed, literacy workshop for parents and community guest readers, poetry writing workshop, or whatever new and creative way Crownhill staff can raise awareness of the lifelong value and importance of reading.

Science fair

Held annually, Crownhill’s Science Fair encourages students to use the scientific method to discover something new. Fair visitors can count on at least 150 projects on view and prepared for a judging panel made up of more than 30 community members.

Talent show

Students get to showcase unique talents that might not be recognized at school.

Building Buddies

Cross grade-level buddies meet regularly to create academic support activities. This program builds a sense of community at Crownhill Elementary, gives younger students someone to look up to and gives the older students an important responsibility — that of being a good role model.

We Can Make the Connection
Schools are not islands of academic achievement; they are an expression of family life, community engagement and the vital stewardship that educators take up as they teach young people how to embrace the concepts and skills necessary to thrive in a world beyond home and school. In the Nine Characteristics of High-Performing Schools, school culture and individual support form a critical element of academic and behavioral achievement. It is through this environment of respect and encouragement that students develop an intellectual life and learn how to welcome greater responsibility as young family and community members.

quoteThe school has a safe, civil, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Students feel respected and connected with the staff and are engaged in learning. Instruction is personalized and small learning environments increase student contact with teachers.

There is a sense that all have a responsibility to educate students, not just the teachers and staff in schools. Families, as well as businesses, social service agencies, and community colleges/universities all play a vital role in this effort. quote

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