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Crownhill Elementary - Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5
It takes more than a teacher to educate a child. It takes a school and all its resources, it takes families and community members — all united in the conviction, that as a society, our greatest responsibility is to level the educational field for every child...Principal Jill Carlson



At the center of Crownhill Elementary’s master schedule are 90-minute blocks for reading and math at every grade level. Collaboration time for teachers is also a built-in feature, as is early-release time on Wednesday afternoons for grade-level teams to gather, review data, work together on instructional and assessment issues, and do the team planning that underpins the smooth coordination of teaching, enrichment activities and behavioral programming.

Meticulous, Well-defined Schedules for Students & Teachers
Here’s an example of a Math Action Plan that lays out curriculum, time blocks and frequency. Para-educators play an important role at Crownhill and are scheduled carefully based on the need for academic support and supervision.

Once Bremerton School District went forward with all-day kindergarten in 2005, teachers went to work on programming that would use the extended time to its greatest advantage. One teacher created a What the Day Looks Like document, which the whole team has adopted and expanded to include scheduling through third grade. This schedule works as a kind of agreement among teachers that ensures the most effective use of instructional time.

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